might be time for a bus system

  1. Honestly if they are willing to walk, keep them of the roads. Maybe make a shortcut into that neighborhood just to cut down on the distance.

  2. I know if I had a choice between walking along the A-road and walking along a park path to climb this hill, I'd pick the park path.

  3. It might be because most of the shopping area is walkable area, so they think they're supposed to just walk into it from wherever they are.

  4. Here to ask the same In my cities, the moment they would need to get around a block they spawn cars instead of just walking Even though there’s enough public transport and walkable places

  5. Glad to see I'm not the only one who was thinking on how to turn this opportunity unfortunate situation into maximum profit.

  6. God, you guys are making me want to play again so bad! What kind of transit system are you thinking of making? Bus route, metro centralized system, train system?

  7. Ended up adding general transportation to the whole city with some metro and bus stops leading directly to the shopping area, as well as a large path dedicated to walking and cycling on a different part of the hill.

  8. when I have this situation, I build a walk path underground from the starting point to the end point. they use the heck out of it and shortens their walking distance and clears the sidewalks

  9. https://www.reddit.com/r/CitiesSkylines/comments/xn7p9s/after_some_suggestion_and_building_the_great/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  10. I had a 45K city... Getting awful full of busses, some of 250% and a till having 500+ waiting at two or more stops on the busy lines. I was spending almost all my time changing routes to avoid queues, and basically playing a bus route manager for the fun.

  11. At that point just build a metro, train or tram connecting those two areas. And since they are willing to walk, build more paths and cycle paths.

  12. This is probably because traffic manager has changed the max walking distance for your cims. Check the config file. The standard should be 1000 units, but my traffic manager regularly changes it to 2500.

  13. It is astonishing how far they will walk...I wish there was a heat map (especially now with P&P) that would show possible walking distance from a structure.

  14. At this point your foot traffic fully justifies a metro rail line. It's honestly kind of strange to me that they aren't spawning pocket cars to go that distance

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