My needs are embarrassing for others

  1. I have a cane that turns into a stool. It is not much help once I feel faint. It is not supportive enough when I'm to weak to stand. Its a good stop gap measure to allow someone to get a wheelchair for me.

  2. If I was a family member, I'd be "embarrassed" that I wasn't helping you better, accommodating you more to hopefully prevent you from getting too fatigued.

  3. Yeah they can eff off with that BS. If they're not going to carry around seating for you, they don't get to talk about you needing to sit on the floor.

  4. Sorry. We gotta do what we gotta do. If a little embarrassment is the cost of going places, then let them be embarrassed.

  5. Wow, they would despise me. I’ve fainted in a public restroom a few times, face on the floor and all. I sit wherever I please, including the floor. I lay down on sidewalks…

  6. What a load of crap, I’m legit pissed off on your behalf. If I was out with my dad and told him I needed to lay down, I’m pretty sure he’d find a way to instantly block off the sidewalk to make sure I could lay down right where I was standing. Your family needs to grow up.

  7. I have RA and uncontrolled epilepsy. Among other illnesses. My family plan and simple is just mean They think I should drive at night to the store ECT when the traffic is low.

  8. Thats def a them problem and not a you problem. I will sit wherever, sleep whenever and do whatever i need to do to function to the best of my ability.

  9. I embarrass myself all the time on many levels. Other people’s perception of you is not nearly as important as your well-being.

  10. i’m sorry your family are being assholes about this. i’m the same, i have ME/CFS and if i have to sit down i will regardless of where i am. I’m trying to get a mobility aid covered by insurance and until then ill keep resting wherever i want. being visibly unwell in public is very punk btw if that makes you feel any better haha

  11. Yup. Seconding that there should be seating everywhere. There is this piercing jewelry shop I go to that has never had seating in their waiting area, so people would sit on the low window sills. They then put up signs on the sills that said do not sit. Sometimes you have to wait for an hour. I was furious lol. I also have lupus, as well as double hip replacements.

  12. I went on vacation with my family. After traveling 7 hours, during which I injected my Methotrexate, we got to the port. We were going on a cruise. Me and my backpack full of medication, ice packs, snacks etc. Decided to go through the disability line as standing in a long line would have zapped what energy I had left and I wanted to enjoy the bon voyage part. My mother let me know that I embarrassed them by going through that line while looking the way I do because you don't look sick. She never understood anything about my RA.

  13. I also have lupus & RA. Finally, I got fed up with “friends” & “family” saying I embarrassed them. Divorced the shitty, abusive, asshole husband & moved as far away as I could without leaving the continental US. Cut contact with the “friends” who supported this behavior. Now living my best life with my partner who will sit on the floor with me and happily holds me in his arms.

  14. Oh, I have that "cannot stand for long" issue. For now, I have mostly circumvented it by walking on the spot.

  15. I’m really sorry you have to deal with both Lupus and RA. You’re not alone and you should never feel embarrassed for listening to your body. I commend you, keep doing what you need to do, regardless of what others may think.

  16. Oh, this just hurts my heart and brought tears to my eyes. I am so, so very sorry you go through that. :( I wish we lived close, we could help and be a huge support to each other and shop together! I wish you all the best and really do hope that you have someone, anyone, who “gets it” and understands in your life. 🤗

  17. I’ve had this too I’ve had my family tell me I’m embarrassing them as I’m having a literal medical emergency. It made me feel like their public image was more important than my well being.

  18. I deal with chronic fatigue as part of my chronic illnesses. I finally bought myself one of those little stools (I’m short so it helps) that break down into a small package. I like to do things in costume, so I’m slowly building covers for it into my costumes.

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