Continue in ministry despite doubts and deconstruction?

  1. Someone once told me "spoiler alert: we are all called to ministry". Just because you aren't working for a religious employer doesn't mean you can't spread and express your faith. Maybe you are being called to go into nursing and minister to those you encounter that need it.

  2. My Lutheran congregation has a mutual ministry program. It’s who pastors can turn to when they need counseling and someone to talk it over with. Conversations in mutual ministry are held in the strictest of confidence, but they have to be. Pastors deal with so much, and the resources they have turn to can be limited. A mutual ministry program is vital to the mental health of the ordained (and actually, mutual ministry is open to all the paid staff).

  3. I don't think it's fair to your current/future congregation if your heart's not in it, and it's certainly not fair to you either.

  4. There are at least two glaring problems here in my estimation. First, to "deconstruct" one's faith is a death sentence for that person's faith. Second, as a woman, you are not permitted the hold the title and office of "pastor", unless in your particular context that is a misnomer and this is a deacon roll instead -- that would be fine.

  5. I don’t believe in women as pastors but I don’t mind helping answer any questions. You could be an evangelist, prophet, teacher of women and children

  6. Assuming you have already prayed and maybe even fasted, one of the hardest things to do is to listen to God. God speaks in a small voice that you have to strain to listen to.

  7. Why can you not consider both and go into something like hospice care / chaplaincy etc? But then even ministry includes nursing. What a better way of showing your faith than in action, rather than merely preaching to the converted each Sunday?

  8. I know that when I started deconstructing (I didn't even have a word for it at the time) it would have helped me a lot to have someone who could understand. You could help a lot of people with your experience.

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