Chris Threatens Rape?

  1. I am pretty sure if the chances and Cwcville stars aligned for Chris to have his way with Rocky, he wont hesitate, and he will blame the trolls for that.

  2. On a similar note I recall bob threatening a troll saying he would “rip off your arm and beat ya to death with it” but I’m not sure if it’s real or not

  3. "wishful thinking" honestly I see it more as him drawing a plan of what he wants to do, not a preventative measure. Megan may have not dodged the bullet fully but she definitely got out before the worse could happen.

  4. The incident you describe did happen, though it was more of an ill-advised convoluted plan to pull a fast one on the trolls: Chris didn't threaten anyone at the time. There are a few other incidents that could be interpreted as threats, though. Megan took shecameforcwc.JPG, and Chris's reasons for why it was ever drawn, as a threat. But arguably the clearest example of a threat was

  5. I don’t know… to me Chris communicating to trolls that they should make Chris rape someone is just Chris shifting the blame to the trolls like he’s always done

  6. It’s pretty messed up that Chris would suggest that the trolls convince him to force himself onto Rocky Shoemaker. If you think about it.

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