Are they a beggar if they want to pay… more?

  1. 66% of their progeny have been ushered into the great beyond. Do not worry, I found a dining room set for you, hope it makes up for the horrible loss of your children.

  2. I’d hate for my son to die but if he does I’ll be so excited to get all my sweet consolation furniture bought used from my friends preferred online marketplace.

  3. Maybe CB should look for 2 replacement kids, because that loss is much harder for a person than a chair.

  4. “Two of her three children are dead but having these chairs tonight will make such a difference to her. They go so well with this table, she’ll love it. Forget all about those dead kids.”

  5. The person I sold it to (and didn’t skip over for this guy) ended up being a first generation immigrant just getting their life in the US started. I took their chairs to their apartment as they packed their whole family into a small 2-door car.

  6. The ashes of the fire gave cancer to my daughter, also it's my son birthday ( he probably lost a leg or his head in the fire, the hospital will tell me tomorrow. )

  7. Had a guy try and say he was abused by his father making him eat a dead rat among other things and he was dropped so he developed autism in a YouTube comments fight after I said he was privileged to believe that someone shouting at you in a one off fight means that they’re an abusive person and are dangerous. The things before the autism comment were bad enough, and sounded like they had no idea how abuse is realistically, but nothing totally left field. But as an autistic person this just rubbed me the wrong fucking way, treating my mental condition like it was the result of some traumatic event and that I was damaged because of it. And you know the worst part? He used it to excuse why he didn’t use punctuation

  8. Last time someone did that and said "I've only got $30" after we already agreed on $50, I just responded with " no worries, it'll still be here when you get the other $20" and shut the door

  9. I've never understood that mentality. The buyer has no leverage. I had someone pull that once and I just told them "You spent your time and your gas to drive here and offer me less than we agreed. You stand to lose more by walking away empty handed than I do. If you find the money we agreed on then come on back."

  10. If be like, "Fine, sounds good! $40!" Then 15 minutes later, "Oh sorry, bro, someone offered me $80. I guess they wanted them more. I told him that money talks and I didn't care if you were on your way to pick them up already. I'm sure you understand."

  11. Someone tried to tell me upon pickup they are ""donating"" and it would help if I cut the cost for gas and shipping... I slammed my trunk closed and drove off. They had the audacity to keep messaging me to offer more money, like .50c more. Unreal.

  12. Come on guys, we all know damn well if OP did decide to sell he'd showed up with less than asking wanting to haggle. This screams "commit to sell to me then I'll haggle because you just screwed the original person".

  13. Sold an old hide-a-bed once for like $60. When the person came to pay for it, they grumpily told me they thought they should only have to pay $40 because they "couldn't find the house." We just wanted the couch gone to make space so I agreed. It pisses me off now more than then just because she was rude about it. I wish I would have made her pay $60 just because. Then I felt bad because a college kid messaged me about the couch before I could get the post down. I'd have rather sold it to the college kid and would have happily knocked the price down.

  14. I'd make up BS about a news story on a fire near the town and say "omg I saw something about a fire in Redditville, was that them??" Just to see if they bite

  15. Ah yes, I remember when I lost two of my children in a fire, and my number one concern was making sure the chairs matched the dining room table. I don't know how I would've coped with that loss if they hadn't matched. Everything would've just fallen apart.

  16. “She lost two of her three children in a house fire, and all the kids wanted before they died was a mismatched, second hand dining room set.”

  17. They are annoying and don't care that the Chairs are sold. You could have asked like 20x the price. He sayed i pay wat ever. Still i can only guess if he accept the price over the app, he comes and only cry's about its damaged and he needs a discount. Or just doesn't shows up.

  18. They’re probably worth a good bit and they’re a reseller and offering more because they can still make good profit off it. Source: I do this too, I’m not so pushy but if someone tells me it’s pending for a later time I will offer to pick up sooner or pay more. If they still say no I might up my offer but I won’t insult someone.

  19. I would have blocked that person so quickly tbh ….. but then, sometimes I like to see how much bullshit people come up with

  20. I fucking HATE when they whip some sob story out their ass. “Well how dare you not give these things to me for free! You are so heartless! This was gunna be a present for my aunts cousins nephew who lost his parents in a terrible electric scooter accident while they were delivering blankets to the homeless. And he has a very terrible medical condition where his skin is made of paper and his bones are made of glass and he breaks his legs everyday! I’m gunna tell everyone you hate poor sick orphans!”

  21. I have sold online. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been promised “I will take them” and they never show. Promise they want them and then show up with half the cash. Now it’s first come first served.

  22. Agreed. This person is an asshole but I don’t think it’s unethical for a seller to take a higher offer if it comes before someone is physically en route for the pick-up. I sold custom computers on fb marketplace for a while and until someone is in their car on the way to pick something up, it’s like a 70/30 flake to follow through ratio. I understand why infrequent/one-time online sellers feel the obligation but if you sell online a lot, you learn to deal accordingly.

  23. I thought scamity scam scam too! Weird back story for them to be putting their families business out there but hey. Gotta sell the lies I guess

  24. Thank you for this! I was buying a dress a couple weeks ago, other person agreed on a day, I had their address for pick up and the evening before I get a message saying sorry, someone else had picked up... like what?! No message to say someone else was interested, no courtesy to say hey someone else can pick up tonight if you still want it come now kinda thing, just literally said yeah no worries come on Saturdays here's my address, whoops sorry I sold it on you

  25. I don't think they are a Choosey beggar but they are definitely a liar! Seriously, who would give even a little eff about chairs when dead kids are involved? Like the chairs are going to make up for the fact that the lady's kids died? I'm waving a huge BS flag on the fire story let alone the dead kid story. What a piece of crap of a person to use that as a way to get chairs! There's just some places you don't go and dead kids is the top of the list!!

  26. Well everyone knows what heals the loss of 2/3rds of your children is a set of used chairs. Kind of insensitive of OP not to sell them to this person.

  27. She told the third child that they were going to get those chairs, and now they are crying. Congratulations, you just ruined Christmas.

  28. That last message is one of he funniest things I've ever read. "two of their children are dead! But a perfectly matched dining set would probably square it." 🤣

  29. Having had a house fire, I can assure you that people are not immediately trying to replace all their furniture. They need a place to live first where they can put the furniture. But let's be real, we all know there was no house fire and no dead kids. Just a real asshole.

  30. You're heartless man. Clearly these chairs would have been the one thing to help these people get over the loss of two of their kids.

  31. This guy totally would have shown up and given his tragic spiel and then expect you to sell them for less. LOL

  32. If posts on this sub are any indication of the state of the USA there is an inordinate amount of burning houses and people with terminal cancer out there

  33. When I lost my whole family, the one thing that eased the pain and brought me back from the brink was second hand used chairs

  34. No scenario exists where I wouldn't just sell them to the first person who shows up. Selling shit is a headache. So I just make everyone race for it.

  35. He was kind of scaring me, and I wouldn’t want to insult someone who hadn’t hurt me yet even if they were an asshat.

  36. Ah yes, some chairs will make them forget all about the loss of their children. It will make their whole life better.

  37. Given how often people flake out on FB marketplace, I probably would have sent them an offer of above asking if they said they were willing to pay more.

  38. OMG after that last response there would be no way i wouldn't be able to respond back "Lost 2 kids huh, thats rough. Bright side though is they don't need that many chairs now!"

  39. I don't see or understand how you insulted him, because you were very polite and respectful in your replies, and respecting that someone else inquired first. That guy was a tool. A broken, rusty old tool. And from your other reply, it seems like it worked out for the best, with the gentleman that bought the chairs. That makes me smile. 😊

  40. I wouldn't sell them to anyone who uses "could care less" thinking it actually describes how much they care.

  41. don't you think it's kinda odd of them to imply that they're the only one buying a whole house worth of furniture for a family member?

  42. TBH, I hold nothing, anyone can say they will buy anything. Not going to lose out on money for the sake of having a “weak handshake”

  43. You’re like me, I sold a pull trailer for 400 but was offered 600. I sold it to the original person because I’d hate for someone to do me that way. Plus the fire thing was a lie. If you lose kids you’re not going to care about a table.

  44. I’m not sure if they would be a beggar but this is odd. Someone close to you LOST their children in a fire yet this person is so dang worried about CHAIRS? If I lost children in my family, mine, nephews, cousins or whatever, dining room chairs would be one of the last things on my mind.

  45. Perhaps I'm being overly suspicious, but I'd wonder if this isn't part of a Venmo-type scam, where the "buyer" offers to pay more than you are asking and all you have to do is send them a link to your account so they can "make the deposit". When OP didn't go for the bait at first, they upped the ante with the dead kids story to feed on guilt feelings. Good on you, OP, for standing firm.

  46. 7 kingdoms couldn’t fill the hole left in Robert Baratheon’s heart at the loss of Lyanna Stark but two chairs will fill the hole of this lost parent.

  47. Tbf, to begin with he was offering more money to get them which is totally fine from a business standpoint and there's nothing wrong telling your other buyer "I got offered x amount by someone else, if you want to match said price I will give them to you". There's nothing unethical about selling to the highest bidder, it's how selling works

  48. The only thing that can heal their heart are these specific second hand chairs, and you just stole them from that grieving parent you monster

  49. If this person is willing to pay anything, why can’t they get this poor, unfortunate family some new damn chairs? They lost everything and you’re gonna take your big money to marketplace?! 😂

  50. I don't think the family member would care about matching furniture if they LOST THIER CHILDREN!!! They can look elsewhere.

  51. I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve tried to overbid someone like this before. The seller had the same response as this one and I backed up as it’s their property, their morality, their choice. Ended up the other buyer did drop out and the seller sold it to me at the original price. Respecting each other is important.

  52. You have every right to try and outbid. It becomes a problem when you start to outbid aggressively like this.

  53. Their family member lost two children and they're more concerned that tables and chairs match? I'm calling BS on this one.

  54. If they lost 2/3 children, I think they’d be better suited by you paying for their funerals, not 2 random chairs to put in their house they have to live in without half of their family.

  55. Thank you for being a good seller. I’ve had people ghost me and then sell the item or ghost me, remove the listing and repost for a higher price.

  56. As soon as he said the part about how he could "care less" about the other person I would have stopped communicating with him. That's the kind of person that thinks everyone and anyone who he comes into contact with should just bend to his will.

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