Donated 50 bucks, the volunteer asked if i could triple the donation amount

  1. I won't donate to street charity workers here. There's a good chance it's a scam. Either they outright take the money, or it's a middleman and they take out way too much before sending it to the NGO, or it's a scam organization like pink ribbons or cars for kids.

  2. Seriously. Why give your money to random on the street just because they all have pins and say they’re with X. You literally have no idea where that money is going.

  3. Generally they don't make enough in donations to pay for their wages let alone any actual contributions to the charity

  4. I might be cynical, but I basically don’t trust charities. Even the “good ones,” seem to be ran by ran con artists, using them to rub elbows with powerful elites. Corporations use them for the PR.

  5. As someone who worked many years for a reputable nonprofit, I can confirm this. A good one would never pressure people to donate more. At best this is a shady nonprofit but I would bet money it's a complete scam.

  6. Absolutely! I had a friend who worked as a charity collector. Kind of an MLM structure, where he recruits other people to collect and get a cut from them. He told me how much he was making (like triple minimum wage) and I said there’s no way this isn’t a scam, but he insisted it was legit and spit out all these facts about how much the company donates and yadda yadda.

  7. This is why I always investigate those charities and make sure I am donating directly to them. People trying to convince me to donate piss me off all the time because they are trying to sell me a donation rather than bringing awareness to the problem.

  8. I've stopped dealing with all on foot charities because of that. I've asked them to give me links to their website (so I can actually google and check if its a legit site out of their eyes.

  9. Preach. I worked for one of those places for exactly one day. It was very simple math to determine that the majority of the donations we collected went to pay the salaries of the people employed at the place. I assume the small amount left over actually went to charity but I can't guarantee it. It would be far, far more effective just to find a charity you agree with and donate to it directly.

  10. Damn right. In fact, never donate to charity. Organizations want a long administrative plan so if they receive $100,000 they'll find a way to stretch that over 20 years and make small payments to the actual cause they stand for while they pocket the rest for administrative duties. They are feeding off these charities, a dime for them a dollar for me. If you want to feel good and be charitable find a charity that goes straight to the cause and not some org.

  11. I agree to a point. Those street charities in the UK get a certain percentage of what they get in donations. So yes that ends up with less going to the actual charity. The thing is, most of what they get in donations are from people who don’t really donate anyway. If you are going to donate to a charity then they aren’t the best choice but they are good in the bigger picture.

  12. ALL of the big charities are like this. Extremely high wages for upper management, using marketing companies to raise funds that charge like wounded bank managers etc. I no longer donate to anything except local volunteer organised charities.

  13. I had one kid and their dad knock on my door wanting donations for UNiCEF right before Halloween. They had a ziplock bag with a handful of change. Nothing showing that t money would actually go to a charity.

  14. Even if it's digital, don't give anything if they approached you. If you want to donate find a reputable agency working for a cause you care about and give them the money instead.

  15. My dude, this is an ongoing scam in Delhi and other metro station. They will pin indian flags, ngo flags etc and ask for money. There are no NGO or other body involved, it's just a bunch of people scamming metro travellers. It's like begging with extra steps.

  16. It's like this in Bangalore and Chennai also.. ive seen them stand outside the metro and call 'Sir.. sir.. one minute please..' to try and target the people who look like they'll easily be guilted.

  17. I, a broke student once called "save the children" after looking at their ad and told the lady that i wanted to make the smallest one time donation option from their suggested slab. The lady did not want to take the donation and insisted i make a higher donation or go for monthly payment because as per her words " that much amount of money won't make any difference and we won't be able to buy anything, you yourself think about it". I thought about it and disconnected the phone.

  18. I don't understand the idea of "that amount won't make any difference". If the lowest amount someone can donate is $5 and a bunch of people donate $5, isn't that better than nothing at all?

  19. Happened to me with Amnesty International. As a student, I started doing monthly donation of 10€. Then after some years they called me and a very pushy and annoying collector tried to convince me to at least double the amount because "I surely can afford it, right?".

  20. “It’s for the children ofcourse” is pretty suspicious, it’s a charity for children so why did they need to say it was for the children again?

  21. Most of my donation power goes to local organizations that will actually help my community. Maybe once or twice a year I'll donate to one of the big charities but I do want some sort of idea what my money is going to do. If you're providing prenatal care to women and teaching midwives how much does that cost per person? If you're buying food, how much is it per ton or per meal? It probably just makes me feel better and they just use the money wherever they need it most but at least I have an idea of the buying power of my donation.

  22. this is how people should donate!! researching what you care about and the causes you're passionate about so you're informed on the actual work and what you're contributing to. so many people ITT seem to complain about funding not being directed to the cause itself, but it's your own fault if you're giving to an organization whose budget doesn't align with your values; tons of people also seem to misunderstand that often the "cause" involves paying salaries and paying for the actual work too, it seems. charities publish their financials, this is all public info if people actually cared to look like you do

  23. Charities know they have a much better chance of getting more out of those who are donating (or have already donated) than they do getting even the smallest donation from someone who has never given, which is the reason they want your contact information.

  24. I donated as a teenager and received a thank you kit as you describe with a photo of a new starving child and was absolutely crushed that I couldn’t afford more.

  25. It's difficult, because if the charity actually do help Simba and predatory practises help it make it more likely that people will help Aboo them it's hard to condemn them for it despite being incredibly annoying. Then again, if pestering people make enough donors stop being donors then maybe they will change to a less annoying strategy

  26. I signed up to donate 50$/month to WWF. On my first statement I see they took 100$ from me. I called and canceled and got refunded. They might have collected $600/year from me for a decade if not for their greed or malfeasance

  27. I had a similar thing happen to me. They told me they "literally" could not accept a donation for the amount I was willing to give and that I must use a credit card to make the donation. They could not take cash and they could not take anything less than $50. That's when I walked away. Total scam.

  28. Nowhere is taking cash donations around me any more. Everyone wants you to tap your card (yeah I definitely trust that) or sign up for recurring payments every month. Nah, I just want to give you some change and then maybe give you some more in like 6 months if I see you again

  29. Ugh i hate this. This reminds me of a few years back when I bought a family in need one of those Christmas dinner baskets from Kroger. It came out to like $60 in total. It came with ham, a few sides, some rolls and a pie. The lady calls me up after picking it up from the store and says, "Um I think there's a problem here." I asked what was going on. She says, "Well, I added up the total price of each item and the ham is only worth like 10 bucks, the sides are maybe worth 10, etc etc. I think that in total it's about $30, and not $60, so could we have the extra $30 in cash form instead?"

  30. For years I have been donating $50 a month to the adoption agency we adopted through. (Despite them costing me thousands of dollars extra due to a mistake they made) A few months ago, I started getting aggressive emails and calls asking to change the donation from PayPal which comes from my checking account to a platform that requires a credit card. The explanation was they would get $49 a month instead of $48.50. I received notification that they canceled the donation so now they get nothing.

  31. I was horrified when I thought this was talking about an event in the US and it was a matter of 50 US dollars. I was definitely less horrified when I learned it was Indian rupees. Still even if it's all a relatively small amount, it's rude for someone soliciting donations to try to push someone to give more than they are offering on their own.

  32. Yes title is misleading. ~4000 INR equals 50 US bucks. And agree with you. the team looking for donations needs to be thankful for any size of donation.

  33. According to the exchange rate, 50 INR is about 0.63 USD. However, in India, it's roughly equivalent to around 2 USD in terms of purchasing power parity. It's not a small sum.

  34. I hate that. If everyone chipped in a small amount, it could do a world of good. Most legitimate charities operate under "every dollar counts".

  35. this shit drives me nuts. i tried donating to something via a coworkers marathon but it was online only, and required you fill out tons and tons of contact info in order to donate. and every single field, including backup phone number, were required. didnt donate.

  36. It is sad that there are still people who have no idea how money works in the world. Other countries, other currency = other value. Should such people not learn something like that in school?

  37. Few years ago I had a small business and was doing pretty well, thought it'd be nice to make a donation of $500 to the local animal rescue. My girlfriend at the time was a student and wanted to donate $20 of her own money at the same time. The woman thanked me for my generosity, literally didn't even acknowledge my girlfriends. Which meant more to her than my tax writeoff was. I've never donated to them since

  38. similar thing happened to me, dude was expecting me to donate like £10 and I gave him £2. he thanked me in a dissapointed tone, should've just told him to fuck off in retrospect

  39. Human Rights Campaign was like this in the past. I donated several times and then my wife lost her job and we had to tighten our belts. They called constantly and badgered me and wouldn't take no for an answer. I finally had them put me on their DNC list and left a comment on their website.

  40. In the UK street charity collectors like these are called 'chuggers' which means charity muggers. They're awful & hardly anyone gives them anything because of their behaviour.

  41. Retracting an unappreciated donation is entirely appropriate. If its barely anything to them then it shouldnt make a difference if they dont get it

  42. Never ever give anything to someone on the street. If you want to donate something, carefully pick a reputable entity and give it to the directly.

  43. Converted to Canadian $0.81 cents. I mean it's not much. But a donation is a donation. They have a nerve to ask for more.

  44. ...and this is why I donate locally for the most part. I worked in a call center for awhile and the scripts required us to continue to press for more money unless they were current donors already donating more than a certain amount (like over 75 a month.)

  45. This is my main problem with making charitable donations. It’s never enough. Now you’re on their “list” to constantly ask for more.

  46. I just want to say it’s the part of America that first made me start not liking my home country much. This America centric view permeates into everything and totally ruins the perspective of many US citizens. It’s annoying and I suffer the idiocy that it spawns on a daily basis. So tiring. I appreciate your effort to educate people.

  47. I'm glad you took the money back. If I was you and I didn't do that, that would've been a new random surprise memory that makes me cringe periodically.

  48. This place is awful with trolls who will say awful things just to say them I would have taken my money back as well it's shameful for a supposed charity to act that way

  49. People realllly need to know the term "donate". A donation does not have a limited amount, you can go as high or go as low, whatever you are willing to give. I would have cursed that middle aged old cow for saying that.

  50. I live in a town of 25,000 people. I was walking home and a woman from Save the Children was in the street, asking for donations. I asked her for a pamphlet because I know most places allow donations online. I wanted to read up on them since I hadn't really looked up on what they do and such. I told her I would look into it and donate online, she told me to donate to her directly because otherwise she wouldn't get paid... Red flag. Byeeeeee.

  51. Those guys get paid 50+ percent of your donations. It’s a scam. Never donate to the people asking for donations. If you actually care about the charity (most of them that do this type of donation strategy are terrible) you should donate to them directly.

  52. Bhai, there's beggars everywhere in Mumbai. They ask for donations, but when you give ₹50 they will ask for ₹500 instead 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  53. Bruhhhh that's fucked up, I'm in Delhi. Here beggars do take 50 INR but i do recall an incident when i was like 5-6 years old and was in the car with my dada ji, at the red light a kid knocked at the window, my dadaji took money from his pocket and handed him a 20INR note, there were 100 INR notes mixed in with the bundle from which he pulled out the 20 INR note, the kid said "can i get that one?" Pointing at the 100 rupee note XD

  54. Don't give money to beggars. Buy them food instead, if they refuse they totally don't need the money

  55. I can't stand that. I used to donate blood and when I got pregnant I was not allowed to donate anymore. I still got bombarded with calls several times a week to donate blood. I kept telling them to take me off their list. I even called their corporate a few times to complain. I got calls up until right before delivery. Never donating blood to that company again. Looking for a new local company now.

  56. I have become so cynical about charities since reading/watching reports on their salaries to executives, overhead expenses, and the actual amount of each dollar spent on the actual cause. The St. Jude charity hires people to just befriend elderly to get them to leave their estate to St. Jude. St. Jude will even fight the family in court to keep the estate of their family member. Is this a case of the ends justifying the means?

  57. Happened to me with a homeless dude one day. Me and a friend were walking out of the grocery store and a guy walked up asking for some money for food. He seemed decent enough and I was in a good mood so I gave him $10. He looked at it and said that's it? Don't you have like a couple of $20s or something like an ungrateful shit. He still had the bill outreached in front of me and without hesitation I yanked it straight out of his hands and told him to go fuck himself.

  58. Something similar happened to me here in Sweden a few years ago when I got someone from Rädda Barnen (a NGO to protect vulnerable children) knocking my door for a donation.

  59. Anything donated should be appreciated- you were cool to give literally EVERYTHING you had in your wallet. It’s a donation… means voluntary… you coulda kept walking with your money but you didn’t… good on you and shame on her. Some others who may have given may have seen her treatment of you and decided not to give… so bad on her…

  60. This makes me feel better about leaving US $25 as a housekeeping tip when I visited Chennai. I hadn't converted any cash and used my company credit card for everything, even shopping because I had to pay on the card myself and be reimbursed for company expenses. I left the US with a 20 and 5 and didn't have any other cash on me.

  61. Yeah idk if that's a lot for you, but it still is def a rude practice to ask for more because it's still money they can use when it's all said and done. I just think I would've left the note and then kept walking, because even tho they may not appreciate your donation, it would still be a little closer to making a difference for those kids.

  62. The amount of people here who don’t comprehend that just because the $ amount is a pittance in the US, that doesn’t mean it is in the country they’re from. When a days minimum wage is 171 INR? Yeah 50 is actually quite a bit.

  63. Good for you. I’m glad she still had it in hand for you to snatch back. I’d hope she didn’t do that again that day.

  64. Whenever I donate online, I send the following email to spam. Every time. They think you give once, you can give over and over, or make it monthly.

  65. Happened to me too many times during college. These ngo kids get targets from their project mentors to get at least ₹500 from each person to walk by, and the guilt trip is insane…kindness has a fixed price

  66. So I donate to a certain symphony every year so kids who would otherwise not be able to see a symphony can. However they constantly call me asking for more money like every 2-3 months. I’m not rich and it honestly makes me want to stop donating to them.

  67. Charities like this don't deserve anything. They do the bare essential they say they will. (Everybody should read the small print and see how little large companies give when they give to charity from their packs, pampers nappies. Less than 20p a pack costs 5 to 8 pounds!) Also the big big bosses earn millions and charities are profitable? That shouldn't be a thing! So because of their bullshit I don't give to any charities and if I'm approached by them I tell them no and walk away. If they pester me I tell them why.

  68. I called to donate $20 to NPR one time. They assumed it was $20 per month, which was outside my budget at the time. The volunteer became rude and distant, making me feel like sh*t. I think of this every time I consider donating to anything. I usually don't because it was such a terrible experience.

  69. A nice way to donate is to buy memberships for zoos, gardens and museums. That way you get to support a cultural institution and drop by to see how your money is spent at the same time. Most of these institutions have programs for children and free or reduced price days for students or indigent folks, so you are providing education and entertainment to people who have few options.

  70. Good for you!!!! I would’ve been stunned and walked off and then angry at myself for not taking the 50 back. Hell yeah you are my hero

  71. I worked for a non-profit going door to door. We got 50% of our donations as our “wages” or minimum wage if we didn’t make our goal. Some people were shameless at asking for 100s of dollars but what was amazing to me was how many of them were successful at getting them. The experience was absolutely demoralizing and I wasn’t ever good at it. I left after a couple of months.

  72. Ive read down the list and have yet to see any churches mentioned..My dear sweet grandmother was very sick (and very poor) the last years of her life. I stopped by one day and she was doing her mail sorting and i came across a letter from the paster Oral Sex ( or something oralish) and I asked her if she was sending him money? Oh yes sweetie he needs it more than I do. NO granny he actually doesnt that sweet old lady gave that prick money until the day she died.

  73. I tried to feed somebody the other day. I was going into the pizza place next to a McDonald's and I offered to get a homeless guy a couple of slices. FYI, this is my way of paying it forward. A lot of folks fed me while I was street homeless. I don't have a lot, living on disability, and mobility disabled, but a slice or two of pizza isn't much and it's food, you know?

  74. March of Dimes is an absolute scam! They literally take 90% of donations straight into their pockets.And they're not ashamed about it either.

  75. I never donate to charity workers like them, you can never tell if it's a scam or not, if you ever wanna donate to charity you should look for the verified ones like the ones on TV ads and stuff and donate them directly

  76. Every once in a while there are “charities” outside Walmart. They say they’re collecting for crippled children, for example, but never say the name of the charity. They offer to take your credit card if you don’t have cash. Who’s dumb enough to give your credit card to an unknown, unnamed entity?

  77. Charity scamming is a huge business even in India. I once made a significant donation (significant compared to what I earned) over a sob story of how this kid will die if he doesn't get an operation in a couple of weeks. After many years their website shows that kid is still a 2 year old and is still going to die in a couple of weeks if you don't donate. These people ruin the possibility of genuine people getting help in the future.

  78. I had this experience, I donate for a charity that helps protect girls education and freedom from child marriages. I contribute what I can every month. I had a phone call from them asking if I could donate more because of whatever. I said no, can’t afford to do more right now and that what I’m doing is stretching me right now.

  79. I stopped donating to any charity that is on the streets begging for money, since there is no way to verify that they are legit. Instead, when they ask me, I reply, "I already donated to the charities I support, and don't have any charitable funds left." I then walk away. It shows that I'm not a heartless person, and that I have limits. If they can't handle it, then that's their problem.

  80. Good for you! And I thoroughly enjoyed reading your edits! A donation is a donation and voluntary. Whatever happened to "Every little bit helps"?

  81. If everyone donated what you tried to donate, then they wouldn't be out there. When someone chooses to donate, and it's ridiculed by the people expecting a donation, then they don't deserve the donation in the first place.

  82. I don't care what my donation is or who it's to, but if the person asking for donations tells me I didn't "give enough" or "is that all you intend to give?" I'll take my donation back.

  83. I used to work at a non profit as a fundraiser and there is a little speech they make you practice to increase donations. If you don't raise a certian quota every month you get canned. Sometimes people added thier own money to thier pot just to keep thier job. You also get paid commission for all the money you raise. You usually get to keep 50 percent per week. And that's how they pay your salary. If you don't make above a certain number then they lose money on you by having to pay you your commission. I also believe you are IC most of the time so they don't usually pay your taxes either. You are basically paid commission off the money you raise and so to keep your job and make more money you really need big donations or else you get fired. You are convinced to talk people out of thier money and increase donations to the highest number. It was a super fun job as a teen/young adult but certainly kind of exploitive since they fired people for things they could not control, blamed you for not raising enough like it was only your fault you didn't talk people into giving more or at all, and I know they knew people were coming out of pocket to keep the job. As an adult I think this structure is horrible and can't even justify it but they think it's a good cause even tho they have to exploit young people to do it. It was supposed to be super liberal and progressive but they didn't take care of employees at all.

  84. I say if people are offended and wanting to shame you for your contribution then they should ALL put their money where their mouth is and donate the " proper" amount and STFU.

  85. I donated to a needy well established charity/church last Christmas, that have spammed me and and harassed me ever since for more money! Guess whose not getting money off me next Christmas, I’ll be helping out food bank instead!

  86. Hyderabad metro? These people have made their adda outside of metro stations specially the raidurg one. But the first time i saw them they stopped me and started saying their default shit blah blah and before i could respond they asked if i was a student. I was carrying and backpack and i said yes( i was a student at that time) and they just let me go and said no worries we dont take from students but consider donating when i get a job. To this day i just say student while walking and they know to not even bother

  87. This reminds me of the scene in Planes, Trains, & Automobiles when Steve Martin is trying to get a cab during NYC rush hour. Jerk dude who hailed one said he could have it for 50 bucks. He agrees. Jerk dude is like, “Anyone who would pay 50 bucks for a cab, would surely pay $75.” I know it’s not the same, but it makes me wonder if in your situation, the person assumed you must have endless cash if you would agree to $50 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  88. Same thing happened to me a week or two ago. Live in Minneapolis, one morning someone comes along and asks to sign a petition getting some cancer causing chemicals outlawed/forced to provide a warning, I sign and donate $40, to which the guy brazenly asks would you like to triple that and turn it into a monthly fee??? Like no fucking thanks.

  89. Shit like this is why I'm very picky about who/what I donate to. When I'm able, I buy groceries to donate to food banks and toys for the toy drives at Christmas, but most other charities can piss off with their ungrateful asses.

  90. This is why i donate to Wikimedia foundation. No hustle, know the money helps kids around the world in schools and would even accept just a couple euros back when k couldn't afford more.

  91. I really dislike businesses (eg. Walmart) and the continual “Would you like to make a donation to X?” So what size of tax credit does Walmart get when corporate income tax is done? I don’t want to help Walmart pay less tax.

  92. Always donate directly, do not entertain these scammers. Even if they do donate to charity, a chunk will be missing or eaten up by bureaucracy.

  93. Whenever I receive a call asking for a donation, my first question is “what percentage of the donations actually go to the charity?” This takes the wind out of their sails immediately. The answer is always some ridiculously low number. No thanks

  94. No judgement. I just walked by a couple who asked me to pay a meal for them. I said "no problem" , but when I said I wouldn't go far because I needed to go back to work, they started to say trashy, and that it would not take long.

  95. Worked for a non profit for a very short period of time. They will make these "volunteers" who are paid workers, who get paid a X amount of the donations they bring in each week, you are told in meetings each day what your "goal" is and to always "shoot your shot" and ask for more if they give any. You are also instructed to tell people you are almost at your goal for the day, which is 100% made up and not even an accurate reflection on what you have brought in. Also they tell you to pull on people's heartstrings because they will give more. I quit very quickly once I understood how they operated, and they 100% do not care about the cause, they are in it for the money.

  96. I ran into this with MADD Canada, the guy said “you must be able to afford something. I’m a pensioner and I can.” Fuck you. I donate a ton of cash to charities that impact me. Just so happens drunk driving hasn’t… yeah I can afford it but I don’t want to. Now I never will because you were such an ass about it.

  97. Lately I've been getting texts from various political candidates asking for money. I always reply that I'd love to donate,but I am currently working on just keeping a roof over my head and food on the table

  98. I have a whole typed up response, ready to copy and paste, about how I donated heavily last time and absolutely none of the campaign promises have been met. I pay for results. If they want more of my hard-earned money, they need to get off their privileged behinds and do something. I will also say that is true of any politician in any party. I care more about ideas and action plans than about political party. Lately, they have all been great disappointments.

  99. Charity workers are trained to double your donations and have scripts for “objection handling”. Sounds like this lady needs to be retrained.

  100. When my child was about 9 she came home with a donation list/flyer from school, asking, well, actually forcing the parents to donate money for a family of 3 in a third world country, who 'could only buy 6 breadrolls a day' without our help. I was so poor, I couldn't even buy 6 breadrolls a day myself. The school called me to come tell in person why we didn't donate. They didn't believe me.

  101. I ignore street charities. In fact, I stepped over some PETA posters once that were in the floor. And said that I hate children to those annoying unicef guys… because they were pulling q fracking chain in front of people so they would stop.

  102. Yeah, unfortunately I’ve become so wary of this. Being in the city, you come to realize many of it are probably scams. Just the other day a man had asked for money for food. I told him I only ever carry around card and offered to buy him food (was going inside a grocery store) and he just said ‘I’d prefer cash. Can you withdraw money from the atm?’ I just shook my head and walked away.

  103. People who collect for charity on the street are trained to press you hard once you have shown you're willing to give a little. They're working shitty jobs for shitty pay, often for shitty companies that don't even give much of the money they collect to their cause.

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