Can I have it free? Photographer deals with scumbag would-be standup.

  1. There's a surprising amount of people that just cannot communicate over text. I bought a car from a guy, he was super hard to deal with while messaging. One word responses, I'd ask 2 questions, he'd answer one. riddled with typos, and next to no grammar. I thought "oh great, what am I getting myself into this". Met up with him, and he was my age, a super cool dude, and knew all about that car, just as much as I. We've kept in contact and are pretty good friends to this day, and he still texts horribly. You never know with people

  2. Photoshop guy should have charged $20 for each picture, then paid the photographer $15 to remove the watermark. Everybody gets an extra $5 while the doofus loses twice his money.

  3. Idk if it's standard procedure, but it's super illegal and you can/will get sued. Hopefully not many people doing it. It's pretty black and white in small claims court to remove a watermark and edit a picture AND sell it, when you have no rights to it.

  4. 3a. That's WAY too much. I can do it myself (or alternatively: I know a guy who'll do it for half that).

  5. “But I’m a single mother and little Rhajful has leukemianosis of the toenails. Thanks for ruining Independence Day for Areola and Miconium.”

  6. This is reeeeeeally common on dating websites too- my experience has been that cishet men use this tactic all the time. I once went from being the most beautiful creature one guy had ever seen to being a fat ugly whore who should be raped to death in the space of five messages, when I told him he was coming on a little strong.

  7. I would just ask the beggar what they do, in this case seems the guys a comedian? Ask him if he will come do a comedy show for free for a party you're having. Oh you won't do it? Why not? Because you like to get paid for your time and work? So do I, get it now?

  8. The karma whores on this sub just want to check every box to stir the most outrage. The fact that every "choosing begger" on this sub sounds the same isn't a coincidence.

  9. I don’t know why people shit on the product thinking that’ll somehow turn things around and suddenly it’ll be free. There’s absolutely no logic behind it. Food sucks? Fine, we’ll take it back. Might comp it, but we’re taking it back. Art sucks? Fine, you aren’t getting the full version. QQ more.

  10. And any bets on them still trying to save the photos to try themselves to photoshop the watermark out? Then failing and STILL uses the watermark pictures with the mark blurred because they are just that much of a dumb piece of shit?

  11. I absolutely love the "Please give. they're shit anyways" like, insulting you is gonna make you feel bad enough to just give them. I'd get this when someone asked me to draw them tattoo's for free "Well you're drawings suck anyways" lmao

  12. I've seen guys doing this on my friends and I when hitting on us too. "You're so beautiful. Want to go out with me? No? You're an ugly slut anyway!"

  13. I know this is WAY off subject but I saw you draw tatts. I have a question...I have an idea of what I want but it's kinda a combo of a couple things. If I just roll into a tattoo place can they draw up an idea or do I have to go there with the idea already drawn?

  14. "You sent them to me watermarked and I thought they were free" "I was excited that they were free" "But I thought they were free" "Can't you just give them to me for free" "You're deleting them anyway so give them to me for free"

  15. Lol this dude is so dumb he actually said "no sucks to be you" when the photographer asked him if he would have paid the money if he got the pics outright.

  16. Morgan Freeman Voice: "But he did delete those pictures, and on that day the failed comedian learned a valuable lesson about being a twat."

  17. The real irony is $10 a photo is criminally cheap. This is literally a minimum of hours of the photographer's time.....for $10?

  18. This guy is not only a dick but a moron too! Seriously, who doesn't know what a watermark is and understand the reasoning behind it??? Wow! He needs a big dose of karma, he's a total ass hat!

  19. I hate that the photographer felt like he had to justify why he wanted to be paid by saying he needed it to pay for equipment or whatever. People deserve to be paid for work and shouldn’t have to justify why.

  20. Good one, but right after him threatening to photoshop the watermark off and then crawling back, I'd have raised the price to 15 per.

  21. In a nutshell, and not a very funny one, "comedian" doesn't want to pay for headshots he's excited about that 'don't look like him'.

  22. Would love to see a website where we internet folks can buy all the pictures/art/etc choosy beggars have commissioned and don’t pay for.

  23. After college, about 99.99% of the interviews I'd set up and reply to listing for would be them trying to get me to work for free. Even had one come to the interview with ANOTHER "artist", and proceed to ask me "and how would you do that effect? Step by step " while taking notes.

  24. Or his act is built around how (unintentionally) dumb he is and it’s great? Like he’s trying to make fun of someone one way and it’s just hilarious how tone deaf he is about every situation and people think he’s acting? Definitely not working here though.

  25. I would have sent him a screen capture of the pc deleting the pics, and another one of the trash bin being emptied

  26. This is really annoying. As an actor that has paid for head shots multiple times over my career he's getting an amazing deal if he's just paying $10 per photo and didn't even have to pay for the session itself.

  27. I don’t watermark my photos; I use Pixsy to get paid every time someone abuses my copyright. I’ve made a few grand so far.

  28. I would keep the photos, instead of deleting them, tell him they are now 15 each instead of ten. He can still get them, but he’s gonna have to pay the A-Hole tax.

  29. "remove the watermark and post them online and you will have a lot more to pay for these pictures after I sued younfor copyright infringements"

  30. Lol I actually laughed out loud when he wrote “if you’re deleting them can I just have them for free?” 😂

  31. Oh my god, until the last screen i thought the picture guy was dealing with a 15 year old, until the line where he said his kids needed the money. Ugh!

  32. If that was a friend of mine, and they tried to stiff my brother for work he did, I’d be paying said “friend” a visit.

  33. I'm betting he hasn't done comedy for long. A comic knows good photos and headshots are worth paying for and being in the good graces of folks with cameras is worth it for future work.

  34. Maybe he should use this dialog in his "act" and let the audience decide if they think it's funny also. You know, explain why there is a watermark on his promo picture. That in real life he is a chiseling cheap douche scammer. Sure he will get loads of laughs.

  35. Damn what a dumbass lol. Not gonna make it far in an industry dependent on creative writing ability if a: you don’t understand how copyright laws work and b: if you can’t spell

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