please pay us to house and pet sit!

  1. Why don’t they just have a renter and use that money to hire someone to come by and look after the pet. Assigning that role to the person renting would be improbable due to the the possibility of them having jobs and their lives to live, general up keep is a standard for any place.

  2. My hot take: they want a live in nanny for the dog that pays them for the privilege of being a nanny to said dog. Edit: and all the other farm animals too! (I forgot them. Likely what a "renter" would do too.)

  3. Anyone willing to "rent" for only 2 months is going to turn your house into a flop house, a crack house or a whore house and you are going to have to take them to court to get rid of them then rebuild your house from the foundation up. Hire a fucking house sitter ffs.

  4. Not to mention they want someone to rent for a whole 2 months? The amount of people willing to pack all their shit after 2 months... but also willing to do all these tasks is like.. 2 people on the planet tops. A much better option would be "800 a month gets you the room and full access to the kitchen/garage, however we require assistance with the animals when we are away"

  5. The amount of work that needs to be done around the house is worth what they're charging in rent. They should offer this as a gig. "Will let you stay in our house for these days if you care for Charlie, the quails, the chickens and the gardens. Single person or couple only please. References required." Will they make money? No. But they are going to have to pay for a house sitter. If they can exchange free rent for a couple of months for the labor, they're still choosing beggars, but less so, if someone needs some place to stay while their own home is getting renovated or they are waiting to close on their new house and need temporary accommodations. They might go for it.

  6. There is actually a thriving community of house sitters who do it to enjoy different locations. They usually have work from home jobs and just need the Internet.

  7. Exactly what I was thinking. They could just pay a neighbor kid a couple hundred to pet sit but they are hoping someone else will pay to finance their holiday.

  8. A student who gotten a internship or temporary job in that area. I colease my apartment out during some summers because of this.

  9. Stuff like that is good for people just moving to an area or looking to transition to different housing that isn't immediately available.

  10. In Newport Rhode Island they rent places out for a few months during the summer. You can live in an apartment for the year at 1200 or rent it for exclusive to the summer for 3k a month for 3 months.

  11. Some professions have short-term placements or study periods. In medicine, it’s called a locum. Not sure whether a doctor on a locum would have time for barnyard maintenance, though.

  12. Summer school or summer internships. Most people I know have had to sublease at one point or another during the summer when in college.

  13. What’s the point of 3 bedrooms if you are supposed to be single, a couple, or a small family? And will they even let you use all the bedrooms?

  14. I mean, extra bedrooms are useful regardless of family size, but what's the po8nt if it's only for a summer?

  15. Apparently they will still be in the house that you rented while using one of the bedroom (the big one at that) .

  16. There was this Australian show about an air B&B competition and in one of the episodes the house guests had to feed a couple cats dogs fish a turtle and possibly one more animal like a bird or something. Each had a special diet and feeding routine. I don't recall they doing much else outside of animal care.

  17. This would result in a dead garden unless there was an automatic water schedule. Then it would result in a wild, overgrown garden that would take considerable time to tame back, depending on the size of the garden.

  18. As someone who owns dogs, chickens, guineas and now turkeys, I can tell you our most burdensome animals are easily the dogs. For 2 months? If the chickens were fed and watered they would be fine. You technically wouldn't need to get the eggs, but you'd probably want to so they don't start eating them. The guineas basically feed themselves if free ranged. Don't know about quail, they are a little more wild so probably more effort but can't imagine it's worse than a dog.

  19. My boss pays me $100 a day to house-sit. All he asks of me is to clean his fridge, which I'm more than happy to do.

  20. Cleaning the fridge is a weirdly specific task. Feeding pets, watering plants, washing floors I’d expect but the fridge is an odd one

  21. My ideal renter will also reroof the house and shed with matching shingles, repaint the house and shed matching colors and repave the driveway.

  22. This sound like an opportunity for squatters right. Pay first month then just live there for couples of month paying no rent taking care of everything there…soon it will just be theirs Lol 😂

  23. Squatters rights, in the places they are recognized require often years of occupancy to be recognized. Going in with a contract like this place WILL have, there is no squatting in that.

  24. How can the original residents not be able to forcefully evict? They own the property and castle doctrine is a thing.

  25. This is complete nonsense. My dog sitter charges $55 a day. That alone is over $1700 a month, without adding in a farm and garden. If I’m paying money to stay somewhere, I’m not doing ANY work. I live in a HCOL area, and even a house sitter only watering plants, getting the mail, and looking after the place gets paid a token amount. Unless this is a mansion, no one is paying these people to take care of their animals and land. I’d be hard pressed to do this for free unless I was desperate for a place to live.

  26. Wait is it two months for $2000 and animal sitting or is it $4000 over two months? The first one isn’t so bad though probably wouldn’t be worth it regardless if they expect you to move back out at the end. Moving is miserable.

  27. Looks like $2000 total so $1000 a month. Even still, with the expectation of taking care of (multiple!) pets and the house, I’d still want to be paid.

  28. Who bothers with a garden when they're not going to be home all summer? Like do they just want to make sure there are freshly harvested vegetables on the table when they return on Labor Day?

  29. I do this in the summer when we go away for break. But I use mulch, not renters. It’s really nice to come home to everything ready to pick.

  30. These kinds of beggars annoy me. I'm tempted to reply to one of these ads; without a contract or agreement in writing you could get away with some pretty shady behavior in their house and it's belongings. They'd certainly learn a lesson.

  31. No such thing as just "a little weeding" for a garden in June-August. That's literally ALL the weeding. Hell, August is when the weeds get out of control no matter what I do.

  32. Wait what? they want someone to pay them to take care of their place? Damn I've been looking for a pet/home sitting service I never thought to charge them. That's brilliant!

  33. So they want someone to take care of a dog, chickens, quail, and do garden work but not pay them? Oh and top of that, they want someone to rent their house so I'm guessing that person has to pay for the utilities too.

  34. Honestly if they were willing to let me live without paying rent there I absolutely would do this. I wouldn’t do it and pay rent, but I for sure will feed your chickens if it means I get to live there without a rent.

  35. I actually did something like this once. We were new to the area and needed some place to stay. We rented this rich girl's whole house and watched her dog while she vacationed for 3 months.

  36. Depends on where this is. In Silicon Valley this would be an absolute steal. But I wouldn’t trust strangers with my animals. That’s the insane part.

  37. That’s always the comment missing for these posts. Where I live that would be insultingly high. But somewhere near New York or LA? Maybe not so unreasonable. Saving several hundred or a thousand bucks to do some housework is not bad. Dog sitting is a big ask, mind you. But discounted rent is nothing to sneeze at.

  38. When it got to mention of their garden I wondered if this was real. Planting a garden is a lot of work to end up leaving for two months during harvest time.

  39. I mean, there are a lot of places where a 3 bed 1800 sq ft single family home rents for a lot more than $2k. That would probably be $4000+ a month near me depending on how nice it is.

  40. Paying an exorbitant amount to care for someone else's animals and home... Oh my goodness! This is exactly the opportunity that I've spent more than half my life wishing for!!! What's their number?? Imma start packing right now!!!

  41. What breed of douchebag do you have to be in order to think your home and lifestyle is so great that someone would be willing to uproot their life for two months in the middle of summer to pay an egregious amount of money to take care of all your animals, plants, and house?? People are crazy!

  42. I went to Alaska for 2 months. I had someone sublet my apartment and watch my cats while he did a language program that was a walk away from my house. So he just studied and hung out. I wouldn't do it again though, I only did it that time since my cat sitter fell through due to domestic abuse. I worried all the time over my cats.

  43. My first thought was “this seems like a decent deal”. Apparently that’s how much living in NYC will mess with your perspective.

  44. Hard to say if this is a bad deal or not. If the home really is that lovely, and it's in an expensive area, then who knows? It's also hard to tell if they are saying it's $2k per month, or $2k for the summer months. Again, either way, summer rentals can be brutal in some areas, running upwards of $2k for a weekend to rent a 3br.

  45. The worst part of this is the gardening, especially the weeding. If it was an elegant condo in a resort area with just a small dog, then maybe. Also, the multiple bird thing is a no too.

  46. This doesn't seem that unreasonable to me. I know lots of people who look for a place to rent for a few months and are happy to do some chores in exchange for a deal on rent.

  47. Well if you’re not single you’re part of a couple, so they’re not really discriminating here. I guess they’re trying to avoid a group of friends taking them up on the offer which could lead to partying and potential damages?

  48. I’m not disagreeing with you, I’m just curious: how? You can’t skip over a renter because of a protected class. Relationship status isn’t protected afaik

  49. To be fair, depending on where this is, it might actually be a bargain. There are places in my beach resort town that rent over $1000/week in the summer and they're essentially glorified studio apartments. Not uncommon to see houses rent out for $3-5k or more per month. So getting one at half the rate in exchange for dogsitting and some light gardening might be worth it to some.

  50. The difference is that they rent weekly for people’s vacations. This is a place that comes with responsibilities for slightly more than two months. Who is vacationing for that long that needs to stay someplace cheap?

  51. I am in a few groups where this would be something they would get excited about in a good way. The rent is essentially market rate for what you are getting with the benefit of having animals.

  52. I dunno if this fits so well. A 3 bedroom house for 1k/month? You can not respond to the ad if you want but there are plenty of places where I would petsit for that kind of discount on rent. If the going rate for that house is 4K/month that’s damn reasonable

  53. Not renters. Renters don’t have to take care of the landlords pets and gardens and livestock. This is a house sitting job, they should be paying someone to do it.

  54. Paying someone to house sit, multiple pet sit, and garden would cost more than $2,000 a month. Maybe if they offered it rent free but even then it would still cost most people money cause they'd be paying rent/mortgage on their other place.

  55. Eh, extremely short term rentals like this are a thing in some markets. Probably not in the places where $1000/month gets you a house though...

  56. Depends where this is - if it's a nice summer destination, that's a steal. I live near the beach and stuff goes for thousands a week in the summer.

  57. Oh goodness, this reminds me of the time when a tenured senior faculty member in my university department asked the grad students if anyone would like to house-sit for him over the summer... You would have access to his house near the water (pretty to look at, gross to swim in, and a bit stinky on hot days) and could use his car (since it was nowhere near the public transport that most students relied on), and all you would have to do in return would be to water the plants, feed/walk/clean up after the dogs... and pay the electricity bill. But you wouldn't be charged rent or anything! What a bargain! 🙄

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