My old boy is demanding I give him attention after being away for five days

  1. We love your pictures of chonkers, but the only thing we love more is a fine boy who was a chonker and has become healthy! If this is your chonk, please check out these links.

  2. Yeah he’s negative his daily allowance of snuggles and kisses and pets and he’s ready to collect - “mom you owe me 5 belly rubs, 2 hours of petting and 12 nose boops”

  3. I love that’s he talking to you - he’s probably telling you about all the stuff he did while you were on your trip. ☺️ “on Monday I watched the squirrels through the window mom, and yesterday I napped in the closet and tried to make a bed out of your slippers mew meow meh” ☺️

  4. It looks like your kitty wants his ears cleaned . shaking his head and folding his ears down like that means his ears are itchy and uncomfortable because they probably have that black stuff in them that they get from mites. you need to stick a Q-tip in there and clean it out for him he’ll probably like that

  5. Aww this reminds me so much of my baby girl! She was so passive aggressive when I got back from trips 😂 she passed away about a month ago at 14 and I miss her nagging every day!

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