Whats the gayest bar u ever heard ina drill song? ( doesnt have to be a drill song )

  1. If it doesn’t have to be a drill I can Think of a lot Quavo saying “I’ll eat a Nigga ass like an Almond Joy”

  2. There's a viral tweet where some influencer posted a screenshot of a DM she got from some dude, which was 'You're so fine I want to suck your dads dick just to get a taste of the recipe'

  3. "Where I'm from we call 30s sticks not dicks,I take that back because if he get caught we gone give him dick" -The Voice

  4. “Catch a bosstop then it’s off with his top soon as he walk out the building get pipe in the lot. Catch a edai pipe to his face”

  5. 42 dugg said some gay ass shit “ I was out here sellin bricks, I was out here suckin dick, I was trynna pay the rent “ or sum gayass shit like dat🤣

  6. Dj Quik on Dollaz + Sense “Now, I never had my dick sucked by a man befo' But you gon' be the first, you little trick-ass ho Then you can tell me just how it taste But before I nut I shoot some piss in your face”

  7. “Handsome but he’ll still blam some, I’m talking about grandson” or however durk said that shit but it was Sus asl lmao

  8. The ironically of trying to clown gay lyrics, but making a whole post to see which are the gayest…Pause.

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