What’s y’all favorite song by king Von🕊.

  1. War wit us. It’s a perfect encapsulation of Von’s mindset & what’s crazy is that it was released way early in his career. He had that heart and aggression of someone who was tryna make it, coupled with his flow and delivery. When we look at benchmark songs in drill, that is one of the songs with the highest quality. People talk about crazy story, but War wit Us is the song where Von really puffed his chest out to the drill game and showed who the new big dog was. “We dangerous tookaman smoke em like angel dust, boy you aint gang u a stain u cant hang wit us, glizzies on every gang member that came with us, aim it just spray at them niggas that aint with us”. The flow and delivery on these bars is pure sex. Not to mention the “olympic gold medals” and “drop dead gorgeous” bars that come on later.

  2. You ain’t know/ I use to drill for the low/ right after school I’m changing my shoes, ain’t gotta tell me i just go/ I fuck wit 600 so boy I JusBlow/ Ain’t get shot, but Boy I was close

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