1. Tbh if we talking about bars and really talking a lot of niggas better than sosa. For example young pappy, La, durk too and more niggas. Sosa rap was catchy asf and that shit was a vibe

  2. Durk has always been the better lyricist out of them two. Sosa ain’t got straight rapping shit like 52 bars or competition

  3. this same poll back in 2018-2019 on here would have the opposite Results Kinda weird seeing Durk go from hated to one of the most liked And people starting to slander Keef

  4. But that’s true . What has sosa done lately that’s even remotely close to durk . I don’t know what this generation be smoking , but this isn’t even debatable.

  5. This is the most garbage rap era of all time. No albums with replay value. Just the same recycled flows and beats. Durk belongs in this era.

  6. I like Keef much better than Durk. Durk makes much better music. Keef made a really really good album Finally Rich, they has a couple listenable things. After that, Durk has been on a wave for about 3 years now and is unstoppable.

  7. Facts are facts. Anyone saying keef need to let the past go. Nigga dropped that hot shit over 10 years ago + he didn’t have a run like Durk having. Influence doesn’t mean he’s better.

  8. He didn’t have a run like durk ??? Lmaoaoao durk been rapping since keef was poppin and finally made it after 10 years.

  9. He plays Von every show too, is Von as good as Keef? Using your logic, he is. Also, you trying to say Durk fans only come for Faneto?.😭

  10. Keef got his chain snatched off his neck then lied about it to not look like he got sonned by his own gang😭

  11. Sosa cause he kept it real until this day. Durk not living none of them raps and I don’t wanna hear it’s just entertainment, I’ll watch sports or comedy for that.

  12. The Keef Stan’s are what throw me off the most about this sub. As someone who wasn’t really a big drill fan when the scene first popped to most of the regular music fans Chief Keef is not really regarded highly at all as a great musician much less a pioneer, and yes before you lecture me on his influence most people who are hip to drill but not necessarily riding the wave feel the same way. He got it poppin but he did not carry the torch much further than that

  13. What year is it? Is it 2022 or 2013? It’s like Sosa fans cannot comprehend that we are talking about right now.

  14. Keef is a better rapper he just lost his content source, Durk got the street energy around he’s in that bag right now. When Sosa had the streets behind him he made better music than Durk so technically he’s better.

  15. Sosa is way more versatile wtf you on just say you don’t know bros catalog 🤦🏾‍♂️. Durk only has that no auto sound and that pain sound that’s literally it.

  16. Durk more versatile than keef? Come on man keef s sound has changed yearly since he blew up. That’s one absolutely one thing you can’t take from him.

  17. In a vs battle sosa still smokes durk by miles and miles. So many hits even besides love sosa, dont like, hate being sober, citgo, finally rich, kobe he still got faneto, macaroni time, bouncin, love no thotties, earned it etc.. These songs everybody knows durk dont got those type of records, yeah durk streams alot but he doesnt drop nothing memorable, or impactful, plus his music is way to sad for a vs battle.

  18. The nigga who mentions “I know a Nigga” , switches, and get back in every recent verse the better rapper?

  19. If we’re being honest durk is one of the worst rappers of all time who has more industry support than he ever deserved because they realized they can use him and his crew as a vessel of evil for the youth meanwhile sosa out here dropping nothing but bangers for a decade and having a positive influence on Society

  20. Without Kool Herc there’s no RAP, he’s the GOAT. That’s how stupid your argument is, starting something doesn’t make you the best. Durk is better and you niggas know he is but too butthurt to admit it.

  21. Without Thug , there’s no Baby or Gunna. Do that mean Thug makes better music than Baby? Sound goofy asl.

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