THF Crack’s latest mugshot. He’s facing anywhere from 6 to 60 years for predatory criminal sexual assault of a victim under the age of 13 years old. He has no bond.

  1. Not surprised. Nigga was on a interview talking bout how he used to kill cats and dogs as a kid like it was normal, nigga sick in the head

  2. This is from the same case, with the same child from September of last year. They just now locking him up after DNA evidence and text messages linking him to this sick shit

  3. These the type of niggas that should be shot down, instead of all the mfs that died in this drill shit. And I know his homies know he like lil girls too.

  4. Yo bitch ass outta hea and yo database smoked. Allat lingo mines now🤝🏾 yo ass won’t be needing it, freakyman

  5. This remind me of that comment where they said y’all gas the killers up, then get disappointed when mfs do other horrible shit 💀

  6. If these charges are in fact true, he was talking all that shit about Lil Jay when this is much more frowned upon.

  7. Glacier man (raper man) Couldn’t keep his cockarola within the database age limit now he facing 5 times that. XXxotic behavior

  8. Lil buddy 🫴🏾 😿 aggressive data bases 👧🏾 hope that👨🏿‍⚖️ give him the 🪑 or he don’t see da meow til he’s 👴🏾 then he get released only to get 💥💥💥💥

  9. Under the age of 13 is crazy, maybe I'm strange but I always liked older seasoned coochie personally. Older woman take care of their hands and feet and usually do the Kegel exercises to keep their pussy tight. Not to mention you bust in them as much as you want but their eggs are dry so no worries with child support. Long story short leave the shorties alone.

  10. This country’s justice system all the way fucked up. Got ppl doin 25 year bids for drugs and let pedophiles walk free after 6?? If there’s 100% proof that someone is a pedophile, they should straight up just get the firing squad. It’s no rehabilitating these sick fucks

  11. All the niggas on here from the hood know most niggas in the hood mess with kids, most of the bad high school girls mess with older heads. It’s a sad reality of living in poverty. So stop idolizing these niggas a lot of em immature and ignorant, if they catch your little sister, cousin, daughter at a party and she not feeling em they will get aggressive.

  12. I’m not defending this nigga AT ALL, but the internet be quick as hell to convict a mf off an arrest or accusation. Same shit happened when Doodie Lo got accused of touching that boy, then it came out shorty was lying and everybody act like they knew she was lying from the jump. At least wait till more of the story come out before y’all start saying how the nigga should be maimed and shit.

  13. put him under the jail fr you can't call yourself a man and tolerate that shit kids are off limits period no if and or but you hurt a kid in any way you deserve to die. especially this sick evil shit, there are people who accidentally hurt kids in robberies or shootings but intentionally targeting a child is just the most evil shit you can possibly do. hope thf crack get his head cracked in the jam this dude is a fucking parasite. karma gon come his way eventually and I hope it's slow and painful nothing pisses me off more than these fucking child predators it should be legal to hunt them like wild animals, just kill on sight, torture on sight, whatever. you know why there's so many pedophiles in this world? they get a fucking slap on the wrist for the severity of the crime they committed. start torturing and killing these rats and I bet some of them rethink their twisted fucking desires. reading this shit has me so angry bro it's unreal I wanna skin this man alive slowly for days with a dull razor blade. even that would be far too humane.

  14. Niggas already be fuck ups at life, but preying on innocent kids is majorly down bad 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  15. Is he still gonna be THF after fondling with 13 year old girls ? Ain't that shit frowned up on by certain blocks? I know OBlock don't care about that cause when Alo got killed, someone tried to get the DoIts to rape the girls and they even caught the audio on camera and people even made a thread asking if the nigga was gonna get sanctioned...... He was literally asking them to rape her ON CAMERA and I'm sure if you check the threads around when Munna Mond was trending in the sub, you will hear them screaming "Let's Rape Ha"

  16. 85% of the street niggas in Chicago was in LD. Learning disability classes in grammar school, high schools in Chicago don’t have LD we only have MD classes which is mental disability.

  17. hes actually a good artist unfortunate asf that hes a sociopath. motherfucker kills cats and rapes kids. he got the database all the way fucked up

  18. Damn im thinking he bagged a nigga or sum when I seen the 6-60 all the while he bagging kids. This the worst. Worst than anything lil Jay could have done

  19. Squidape and CS88 posted the wrong case statute, Crack’s case statute is 720 ILCS 5.0/11-1.40-A-1 which is assaulting a minor under 13.

  20. Only time will tell, but unlike the Doodie situation, Crack was actually arrested, and this isn’t the first time he’s been arrested for this too.

  21. Squidape and CS88 posted the wrong charge statute. His charge on his record is 720 ILCS 5.0/11- 1.40-A-1 which is assaulting a minor under 13.

  22. Damn mr data base hold time u was doing that shit too 😂😂can’t talk about lil jay or nobody until u get that shit straight

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