To the current GMs of chipotle

  1. Was a GM for 5 years and when APs went hourly, I stepped down and make more per paycheck with the same benefits. Way lower stress and I never get bothered on my time off. Being GM leads to poor work/life balance at least in my personal experience

  2. you’ll get a lot of bonuses if ur a gm if ur doing a great job. so if u believe in ur abilities and think u have the commitment it’s definitely the best next move for you.

  3. Don’t do it unless your ready to deal with lazy managers that want to to do whatever they want right now AP is the most comfortable position in chipotle make sure you are well train if your going to move up as a GM

  4. GM = Work for free As an AP I always get paid more than my gm due to always having to come in. (Mainly to clean up his mess because he sucks)

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