This needs to stop

  1. Since nobody mentioned it yet, I highly recommend getting a dash cam and making sure it's visible. We got ones for both our vehicles after a few such road range incidents.

  2. Came here to say this. I just learned last week that they just didn't do drivers tests because of COVID. How tf you gonna give people licenses without a test? Post pone there license if that's the case. Sucks but it's better than giving them away. I don't even understand the legality of that.

  3. That's true. But my wife got her license from driving 45 minutes to an hour in every single direction from Charlotte, even driving in the mountains to chimney rock.

  4. Somebody honked their horn at me and looked mad as fuck at me when they almost side swiped me. I was going completely straight, right speed and everything.

  5. Yesterday I was driving home in the right lane of independence. A guy was two inches off my rear bumper tail gating like a motherfucker. He laid on the horn for like ten seconds and then drove around and flipped me off for not driving fast enough.

  6. Road rage is the new epidemic, CMPD is very concerned and has been issuing PSA's to not entice these drivers, but as you said, this can sometimes make it worse. No good way to handle these psychopaths and after the COVID shutdown, it's gotten so much worse.

  7. Hah, I tried something similar. Some woman lost her shit because “I was going too slow” (apparently 10 over is too slow), so I blew her a kiss and smiled. She just drove off quickly and that was that. The moral of the story being play to your strengths to get out of sticky situations. Which in my case is being ugly I guess.

  8. This anecdote isn't about road rage, but I think it's relevant to this conversation: I was once at a club in Myrtle Beach and I was in a very long line for the bathroom, and when it was almost my turn a group of three very large men walked up, apparently decided that waiting in line wasn't for them, and decided to just try and walk into the bathroom. Of course, there wasn't anywhere for them to go when they got into the bathroom, because at least a hundred people were also trying to use the bathroom, and they got belligerent and clearly wanted to start a fight.

  9. That’s awesome. I played football at a Christian high school and when opposing players would start talking trash our coach would instruct us to say “Jesus loves you.” Worked like a charm lol. People have no idea how to react to that

  10. As someone who moved here from another state (and have lived in several different places) I will say that I have never seen so many bad (and aggressive) drivers than in Charlotte.

  11. Same. I'm a new transplant. Lived all over the country and the world. By volume, Charlotte has the worst drivers I've ever seen.

  12. Charlotte is the first and only place I've had some idiot get out of their car and try to fight me. I was 17 or 18 years old and turning off Monroe onto Sardis. Probably going to the Emporium or infinity's end, and this dude cut me off in the turning lane, so I laid on the horn. He jumps out like he wants to fight, so I putted my Isuzu Trooper around him and onto Sardis while he watches me in dismay.

  13. I flashed my lights at a Lyft driver (WITH a passenger in the car) because he was merging onto 277 and I had slowed down to let him in

  14. It also amazes me that people will get upset when they don’t use their own blinker! I mean seriously, how are we supposed to know.

  15. My great grandfather made sure to tell everyone in our family that engaging in road rage in Charlotte was dangerous after someone apparently pulled a gun on him in the 70s. Few years ago I passed a truck out on 200 in Union County, in a passing lane at night with no oncoming traffic, because it was going slightly under the speed limit. The dude proceeded to fly up past me, break check me into stopping, got out and tried coming over to my car. He had parked in almost the dead middle of the road so I could just barely get around him but I did and booked it home.

  16. If they required parallel parking as part of the driving test maybe we would have better drivers (and people that know how to park)

  17. You answered your own question. Their self esteem is the most important factor. They will make up some imaginary connection between what you did and directly insulting them and take it personally.

  18. last week I was turning right from Harris onto Idlewild. The left turn lane across from me had a green light with about three or four cars, but the dude behind me kept honking at me (for those wondering, of course no one abides be the whole 'left turn turns into inside so right can take outside lane' thing here), sped up in front of me and then slowed down once he got ahead and I was afraid he was going to ram into my side. Eventually gunned it past him to where he kept on my ass, flipped me off at the next light, then sped past me again. Was very happy he did that, actually, because he turned into the side road leading to Aldi and the little center with the Halal place and Starbucks. I'd planned on stopping for a late dinner at Halal. I did not stop for my late dinner.

  19. they still weren’t making people take drivers tests when i got mine in March of this year… that’s over two years of unregulated drivers out on the road

  20. Charlotte traffic/road raging is the worst. I’d recommend I stead of speeding up to get distance, slow down and let them pass. If they slow down as well, find an exit/business with witnesses and call the cops if they follow you.

  21. Was it a lady with a bad Diana Ross wig (Supremes era) and a white altima looking vehicle? Pulled out in front of me last week, going as slow as a turtle, and when I slam my brakes and swerve around her and turn into my street the psycho had followed me. I am a chick myself and just stopped the car and was on phone with a friend and she screamed and yelled and stormed back out of my hood. Be safe my friend. Find something else to do than drive in this city. Too many kooks.

  22. I’m genuinely surprised nobody has pulled a gun on me yet. I’ll be going 10 above the speed limit & they’ll still be right up my ass, screaming their heads off. Knowing that most people (men specifically) here are gun fanatics, i (as a 22 yr old girl) am terrified that one of these lunatics with severe road rage is going to murder me for not going 90 in a 45.

  23. I live in hickory now, the amount of aggresive road raging intolerant rednecks in shitty muffler deleted lifted trucks with glock, Trump and fuck Joe Biden stickers is maddening. Good luck getting on 85 or anywhere in downtown hickory without someone driving like they're auditioning for the next mad max sequel

  24. It wasn't this bad to drive here 20 years ago. You realize Charlotte is a melting pot. Us locals were doing fine. Please return to your native land where everyone drives like you idiots.

  25. It’s true though. The driving has gotten angrier, faster, and overall just worse over the last couple decades. I’m also seeing more entitlement when driving. Like a “get out of MY way” when driving.

  26. Definitely a generalization but you are not totally wrong. I’m from Charlotte, grew up here, and now live here as an adult. Things have changed a lot and majority who live here are not from here. The energy has changed a ton since the 90’s. Much faster paced, higher energy, and angrier drivers. They are not necessarily from the northeast, but probably also not from Charlotte, but definitely assholes.

  27. You should probably know the DA doesn't prosecute anything except speeding tickets. LOL. Handicap parking ticket? They don't even look at the ticket

  28. I'm from Chicago and I know we drive aggressive but at least I'm safe here in CLT it's a complete shit show!!! Drivers are too fucking passive, stopping in the middle of the street to let someone pull out of a restaurant or you got these clowns who think it's cool to blow red lights because they can't be patient enough to wait for green.

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