These two pieces of human trash threw two take out containers while moving on 77 right in front of our car. Littering is a crime not to mention DISGUSTING. What is wrong with these entitled people!?

  1. Does it really hurt you to wait until you reach your destination to throw things out? Honestly trash cans are everywhere. Hope someone eggs their car in the morning and let the hot sun take care of the rest.

  2. I need to see my dash cam still has a record of the litterer I saw a few weeks ago. Had no idea you could report! Thanks

  3. i’m wondering what happens once you report them? do they get a ticket right off the bat? any mail warning them about their littering? cops come talk to them? love this but curious if it actually does anything

  4. I'm going to start using this. For crying out loud though, I never have seen a place like Charlotte, that could be so pretty utterly covered in trash. I have seen more and more people throwing entire bags of trash out of their car. I can't believe how little people in this area actually care about where they live.

  5. I also witnessed some scum litter right in front of me. I reported them to the NC litterbug program. AND reported another scumbag too just a few days ago. Idk what is so hard about waiting until you get to your destination to properly dispose of trash.

  6. It’s not a fine. It’s just a letter, but it lets them know they’ve been seen. Will that stop everyone? Nope. But will it make some people think twice next time? Yep.

  7. I made a mistake one time and threw a piece of gum out the window of my vehicle and the person behind me reported it to DOT. I got a letter in the mail saying I was reported and they gave me a trash bag I felt embarrassed especially in front of my kids and never did it again.

  8. I love Reddit a platform where us people can come together and put terrible NC drivers on blast and embarrass them😏🤣

  9. And if there is a lot of tasty food some bird will go for it and get run over. I hope the piece of shit littered gets a flat. You reap what you sow

  10. Same! Have you seen those photos of birds after they die and they have cigarettes in their stomachs ☹️ any type of littering is bad imo

  11. My first thought when I see shit like this is to shoot out all 4 of their tires with a machine gun so they skid out and wreck. I know this makes me just as bad as they are, but it sure would feel good.

  12. We don't if they threw trash out the window or not. All I see is an angry beaver posting someone's vehicle on a reddit page attempting to shame them. I personally say it's fairly immature of you. Grow the hell up.

  13. What's the point of this post? Do you want the people of the subreddit to find this Jeep and make them regret being litter bugs, otherwise you are just whining. Yes, littering is bad, but your indirect aggression isn't the answer either.

  14. WAIT!! 😮 They threw trash out the window (yes that wrong) but to post their license plate on social media? COME ON!! People are CRAZY today! You can find a lot of information about someone like WHERE THEY LIVE!! How would YOU like if someone did that to you? No one is perfect! I’m sure if someone followed YOU around all day they would catch you doing or saying something you wouldn’t want anyone to see 😑

  15. No. They deserve to get publicly shamed. You sound like someone who tosses trash out the window. That's not a minor lapse in judgement, it's a total disregard for everyone and everything. Praying does jack shit to help anything or anyone.

  16. You don't make a mistake of throwing trash out of your moving car. It takes several deliberate decisions to do it. There is nothing that ever makes littering excusable. It is 100 percent intentional every time.

  17. I think we should report these people and if they keep getting reported, fine them and make them do community service cleaning up trash on the side of the road in bright colored clothing during the middle of weekend so everyone can see it.

  18. I accidentally littered once leaving my window open (was fumbling with some crap at a stoplight and it just got swept out by the wind, but it looked deliberate) and I felt horrible about it for the rest of the day. I have no idea how people just do it consciously without caring.

  19. You all are a bunch of snitches!!! Most of you that are complaining are destroying the environment by just being alive... lmbo! You folks are funny and all your snitching will get them is a bag in the mail... heck your worried about trash to me half of you people that's on this beautiful earth are TRASH!

  20. Being a Karen is getting mad at a Chick Fil A employee because you didn’t get the extra pickles you asked for. This is about someone throwing trash out their window onto ongoing traffic because they’re too lazy and entitled to throw it out when they get to their destination like a normal person.

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