Game Thread: Los Angeles Chargers at Las Vegas Raiders

  1. But I thought since Allen talked trash they were guaranteed to win? Maybe dude will learn to finish a whole season first and be better than one great catch once in a while before he runs his mouth. Dude is the complete opposite of humble.

  2. As much as I feel the refs blew that call, it shouldn’t have to come down to that. Need a miracle to make the playoffs now. Just doesn’t look like it’s meant to be this year. Too many injuries and poor coaching decisions.

  3. Ok, I’ve held out long enough, but I think it’s time for a coaching change. I don’t know if this staff does anything to actually help the team win.

  4. Fuck this team. Same shit every single year. I ain't a "doomer" you're just delusional. See you next year.

  5. Miami and Tennesee next after falling to 6-6? Yikes. Feels like this team won't even finish with a winning record.

  6. Oh shit, that was the play they tried and failed at the end of the game against the Panthers in Herbert's rookie year.

  7. Mac has been golden. Changed the outcome of so many games. Defense is probably tired because of alll the quick drives

  8. We’re going to miss out on a playoff spot to a Jets team with Zach Wilson and Mike White at QB who had a whopping 6 wins the last two seasons.

  9. Saleh has that defense motivated and playing great football. Paired by power moves by the FO. Spanos mediocrity curse will always remain

  10. Yep. Watching so many former bottom of the basement teams finally make the playoffs shows that I’m done giving Telesco any more chances.

  11. It says a lot about a coaching staff which 2 seasons in a row on the most important game of the season, they can't finish a fucking game. Chargers coaches are the definition of un clutch and AFRAID

  12. I have to wonder if they know there are still 5 games left with the way they're talking about this game being our playoff hopes.

  13. The announcers keep playing up how crucial this specific game is for our playoff hopes. Can’t we still lose 1 or 2?

  14. Do you think the Chargers are going to beat the Titans or Dolphins? They never win at Denver either. I dunno. This feels p damning.

  15. I mean, its gonna be tough to beat Miami and Tennessee with how the team looks right now. Not sure even if we win the others 9-8 will get us in.

  16. It’s better we lose these games tbh. Will accelerate change and ultimately stop us from going .500 by seasons end.

  17. Theyll punt. Herbert will get bum rushed and throw a pick trying to throw to the only receiver running a reasonable route Smartt. And Acho will say, “see! He’s a fraud”

  18. Time to fire Tom Telesco & Stanley & strength and conditioning coach. To lose a second time to the Raiders like this is unexcused able. Fuck this season.

  19. If somebody defends Staley they should be banned from this sub after this game, fuck all of you apologist bitches

  20. I mean it was literally placed in his hands and he dropped it. That wasn’t a bad play or bad throw, just a bad player making a bad play.

  21. Tom Telesco will be 75-82. Get him in the fucking bin. Has to be one of the worst active GMs. Clean the whole fucking house.

  22. I’m ready for Staley’s bs postgame, “I like the fight our guys had. We were fighting until the very end but came up short but it shows the resilience in our guys ..blah blah blah blah blah” fucking hate this guy now

  23. Yea that was really really bad. I don’t want to hear anyone say it was uncatchable. It was. KA was just tackled. If this were KC every ref on the field would have thrown a flag

  24. No attempts to strip the ball. Come the fuck on. Especially when jacobs needs four dudes to take him down every fucking attempt

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