I think Boros is the best villain in OPM

  1. He is good and really works for a not long running character. And he is a fun reflection of saitama, and the breaking his heart when he realizes saitama held back.

  2. And of course the depression Saitama fell into because he didn't think he could have that one person to match him like Boros did. It had such an impact on him.

  3. I imagine that's why the first season made sure to end with him. Regardless of the manga or whether a second season would ever happen, it made for a very satisfying overall package that'd leave a very positive mark on the anime community.

  4. for real though, that guy is fucking terrifying despite being relatively weak compared to other monsters. I'd rather get incinerated by a punch from either Boros and Garou than to face this monster.

  5. Between his strongest blast being able to surface-wipe and probably destroy the planet, but the fact that seems to be his max, as well as the general impact he has on his surroundings during battle... I always scaled him to almost exactly Saiyan Saga Vegeta.

  6. He’s prob MFTL if he was able to in some way scale near Saitama, and I think he’s planet-star level based on databook statements I’ve heard

  7. I think Boros would’ve been a decent point to end the series, or make it go in a completely different direction.

  8. I think OPM was at peak when King confronted the Cadres and the God appeared. After that Garou waking up, double teaming of Sage Centipede, Garou accidentally saving people and "Fucking TIME TRAVEL" were utter bullshit.

  9. OPM started off as a gag series, and its joke was very funny. But the joke only lasts so long before getting old, the series had to either end or transition to being more serious. I think as a more serious series, it’s still good, but inevitably not as good.

  10. I don't think so at all, OPM made the best transition for its series by leaning into more of the pastiche of the S class and the heroes. Having Saitama fade to the back as the trope based characters take the spotlight actually really helped with eventual subversions and deconstructions of shounen and superheroes. It went past the stories simple introduction and actually created a compelling world

  11. Everything starting from the psykorochi fight has been some extreme highs and low for me in opm. Some of the best and worst chapters are all in there. I think before that all of it was consistently good, but after that it was weird.

  12. Murata wanted Boros to be more comical but ONE vetoed it because it would've taken away from his character, should've done the same with Garou

  13. Boros is a 2 chapter villain, Garou is present for 70+ chapters and has tons of comedic and serious moments throughout. Waking up in a trash bag, losing to Saitama several times and getting looney tooned through a wall, eating and choking on food like a shounen protag, demanding coke when he is getting blasted to death, Garou is just way more dynamic and so he should reflect that

  14. Not at all. The manga played it differently but seeing Garou struggle against all his moral boundaries and important figures in his life was a great way to cap off his arc

  15. Not at all. He was put through different scenarios but he is exactly the same. He was forced to question his identity more but it played a role in God's intervention.

  16. I can respect this. Personally I think webcomic Garou is the best villain in the series (not manga Garou, that mf can go to hell) but Boros is a close second. He's simply perfectly executed.

  17. People meme some of his lines like the attic and pancakes but that was one of the best VA performances in VG history for me. He’s fun but also fucking crazy

  18. The only thing I don't like was his affability. I just don't buy that Boros truly respects Saitama after trying to destroy his whole planet purely to satisfy his selfish lust for battle. Should have made him pure evil.

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