Pink Diamond silencing Pearl was pretty messed up.

  1. I don’t think it was an accident as much as something she didn’t really care enough to consider the lasting consequences of

  2. I don't think Rose consciously thought that through. The problem is that she's had so much power throughout her life - while at the same time, because she's the weakest diamond and was always overshadowed by her sisters, never thinking of herself as powerful or fully understanding what the difference in power between her and basically everyone who wasn't one of her sisters really meant.

  3. This subject always makes me a bit mad because if Pink could do that to Pearl, then the other Diamonds could definitely do it to their Pearls. And it's just not explored.

  4. Pink was a fucked up person, who made a mountain of disastrous decisions over the course of her obscenely long life. To her credit, though, she was trying to be a better one for thousands of years, and chasing her Homeworld away from the earth was a big step in that direction.

  5. Steven Universe is one of those rare shows that I HOPE gets a reboot, this time running with all the fucked shit the original introduced but didn't have the guts to follow through with

  6. Pink Diamond doesn't exist in a vacuum. Narratively she is treated by far as the worst person in the universe, far more than her fellow Diamonds who actually created and sustained the fascist system she broke out of.

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