Exclusive: Watford sack Rob Edwards as head coach and will appoint Slaven Bilic

  1. They actually started really well and then lost key players in the transfer window. Played some great footy and looked shoe ins for the title.

  2. That's the second time we've played a team and they've soon after sacked their manager. Hopefully they don't do a Stoke because I quite like Tony Mowbray

  3. Considering Mogga still lived up here while managing Blackburn I would doubt extremely that he’d even consider a job down south honestly

  4. My favourite was sacking Pearson while outside of the relegation zone and with two games left to survive, after he'd come in and improved their chances. Maybe the most unjustified sacking in football history

  5. The time in a job expectancy of a Watford manager is up there with WWI fighter pilots but really got to feel sorry for Edwards here. 2 defeats in 10 and a whole point off the playoffs is hardly an awful start.

  6. The writing was on the wall. You don’t make it all the way to September at Watford without your job being at risk.

  7. Mad. We all thought Tan and the board were clueless sacking Morison when we did. Little did we know they saw there was a Watford manager on double digits for games played and knew he’d be available soon.

  8. If this last week has proved anything it’s that you don’t need to be particularly intelligent to hold considerable power at football clubs

  9. where are all of the people in the prediction thread saying Rob Edwards won’t be sacked before Christmas

  10. Forest Green are absolutely laughing their heads off. Can’t lie we weren’t going anywhere with Edwards as while u may think we’ve done well with the points we have got we should realistically be in the relegation zone on performances. Before u hammer me I don’t think this is so much his fault at all - the owners have not backed him at all so I don’t know why they appointed him in the first place and they have also not stuck to their word of having managers on a “long term” rather than their usual and still usual frequent sackings. Pozzo and Ducbury can fuck off now, Giaretta already did but I have no interest in an owner who runs a football club like a profitable business with 0 care and passion for the club. I couldn’t give less of a shit what the older fans have to say about “ooh but they saved our club in a financial problem”. He helped us out then but Is doing the complete opposite rn. Haven’t had anything positive to talk about Watford as a club for years now.

  11. I remember seeing their chairman on Sky sports when he left. Seemed really disappointed at how Edwards went about things so I doubt that he could slot back in too easily.

  12. Personally I think he's above a League One side battling relegation, I think he's earned a mid-table L1 job, although it would be interesting if Rotherham appointed him

  13. I really doubt it. Some supporters would welcome Rob back, but I'm a little reluctant even though I think he is a much better fit than Burchnall.. I really doubt Dale Vince would sanction the move. Rob left us in a really shitty fashion, with the duration of his contract debated (many say it was expired, but Dale Vince said he was still under contract). I just don't see Rob coming back without a lot of friction higher up in the club and within the supporters. A lot of else felt betrayed by Rob. One week he says he wants to make us his long term project and take us through League One. A week later he is gone for Watford.

  14. The way he left the club was pretty dickish actually, negotiating with Watford behind their back and they publicly slammed him for it in a club statement

  15. What’s the average number of games managed for the last 10/15 managers. Genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if it was less than 25.

  16. While I’m shock, shocked, shocked at this, and disappointed he wasn’t given more time, I do wonder if the Pozzo/Duxbury/Giaretta triumvirate are seeing something we fans are not privy too on the training ground or behind the scenes. Despite their intentions to keep him long term, if the atmosphere in the dressing room looked doomed, irreparable or there is a failure to get players motivated, or playing at their potential, it’s the manager/head coach who will face the blame since that’s basically their job description. Maybe Edward’s was too nice a guy, or out of his depth, or there was some “incident”. We may never know. But this team can play much better and clearly, albeit after only 10 games, there was little evidence it was going to improve. The owners obviously agree and looked at both potential Edwards/Bilic scenarios for the rest of the season and decided Bilic was the way.

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