Day 1 of 21,000 pushups

  1. Everyone else has talked about form so i won't talk too much about it. Try to have your arms closer to your body and be faster in the eccentric part of the motion, do to the volume you are undertaking you don't need it.

  2. Push ups give muscle size after 12 push-ups, once you can do more I won’t make your muscles any bigger. At that point you just get more muscle endurance(plus push-ups target the chest and triceps and not the biceps)

  3. Sorry about any quality issues and whatnot, videos will get better over time, might end up getting some editing software or smthn. In the future I'll probably end up speeding up the video during the sets but posting the normal speed and raw unedited pushup videos will later go to a unlisted playlist on my yt channel.

  4. Good sir you are the artiste and we are mere peasants. You take your time with this and we’ll just enjoy the ride. Good luck soldier o7

  5. Ight G which one? I'm bouta post the next video monday, if you can give me the name of the one you want or better yet send me one that's around 5 minutes long I'll put it in the video

  6. congrats on the crazy effort but you can only work a muscle so much before it can no longer repair in a way that increases strength, try and do less pushups with more weight. oh and the 2 min rest thing is completely made up

  7. Yeah if i end up needing to ill take a rest day or two. And the two minute is just a general time of how much im resting, its a more or less kinda thing.

  8. Dawg i get so much shit for working out in jeans but tbh i literally never wear anything else so i just also workout in them, i never really noticed a problem personally so yeah lol.

  9. Nah i got like mad strong joints n shit. But fr if they do end up suffering ill dial it back down a bit 👍👍👍

  10. Op please listen . Take it slow or you gonna have some painful realization like I did after doing calves exercises because I thought I could Hugo hard sence I been doing biking, long story short I was crouching around the house because the pain and I’m 155 pounds

  11. I appreciate your concern, i am going to make sure to carefully pay attention to how my body is feeling throughout this and hopefully find a maintainable pace. While I dont want to dissapoint the people, i also dont want them to see me get hurt.

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