Little motor, Pro Depression killing Machine

  1. That's a strong motor... And the squeak and reach move is everything! No one could be depressed with that little one around!

  2. I'm still trying to figure out a way to monetize cat purrs. I want to die rich and happy. And I want everyone else to also do the same.

  3. Little mew meows like this are great. They really do help when you're feeling down. I feel bad but when one of my cats comes by rolls over and purrs for scratches, and my heart feels already better.

  4. Best thing EVER! We foster kittens to socialize them and give them extra medical care for our Humane Society. When you're ready to adopt, you can ask to spend time in the different age group rooms. This will allow you to find out which kittens or cats choose YOU! If you're thinking of 2 kittens, you can ask if the foster family who raised them will talk to you about their different personalities, so you can know if they're normally high energy or mellow...Best of luck, and THANK YOU for ADOPTING, NOT BUYING!!!

  5. the meow while yawning always gets me hahahhahaha i'm severely depressed, but let me tell you if weren't for cats i don't know how i could handle

  6. Can't speak for OP, but I've had cats before and just can't sleep with them. I'm tall, need good sleep and they like playing in the middle of the night.

  7. Mine likes to play monster-under-the-bed at 3 AM. One of them ignores the blanket rule and attacks my feet whether they’re under the blanket or not.

  8. Personally I move a lot in bed and I end up accidentally kicking my cats so they usually don’t sleep with me. I also live with other people so I usually close my door at night and have to let them out sometime between 3-5am so my cats don’t sleep with me all the time…if they do, I have cat beds in my room for them to have their own space in.

  9. Before the light got turned on, I thought that whole table was the cat, I was like HES ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE what a unit 😭😭 But he is a smol good boi 👌🏽

  10. I have two beautiful Ragdolls but I’m afraid I’m going to need your cat to come live with me now. Thanks for sharing ❤️🐾

  11. Does she have another cat friend to play with at home while you’re gone? They are such social creatures and it’s so important for kittens to have another cat as they grow and learn

  12. OMG, you stole my cat! She looks just like my Ciara, who is 3 months and counting......They don’t get any cuter. Love baby meezers.

  13. Aww, they make the same sounds as my Cindy. They seem about the same age as well, i bet theyd get along great. What a sweetie😍

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