Help needed... decode my cat

  1. My cat came running to see what the commotion was all about. I asked her and she said your boy demands treats and pets immediately

  2. I really feel like a nap but I don't want to I like it up here and want to be pet, but I'm sleepy and I just want pets and cuddles but I like it out here and stuff

  3. I have one of these things in my house too. Is your cat older? Mine is also a chocolate/seal point male. He's 13-14 years old and extremely chatty. I usually pretend that he's an unruly plaintiff in a court of law for which I am the judge who has had e n o u g h of his disruptions of the court.

  4. Yes and then he was wrapped around my ankles wanting some lovens. Once inside the house he had a long needed nap. Edit - spelling

  5. your cat is mad that you were gone or away and is now annoyed that only now your paying attention to him also i dont think he like the camera

  6. It's funny how differently cats speak. If my cat made these noises I'd be very concerned! The tone is similar to how she tells me she is very, very upset, usually reserved for car rides lol. But your guy seems chill and probably just wants some food or attention.

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