Finally asked a girl from my church group out and she said no

  1. TRUE! Don’t be the guy from my HS who asked a girl to homecoming and when she said no turned around and asked the girl sitting one desk over if she’d be interested hahaha

  2. This is what I would never gossip about this. I was matched with someone through this sub during covid but decided he is not a good fit after some talking. Later I met him again at church event after covid restrictions lifted and I went as far as pretend like I never met him before to not have to tell anyone, even my closest friends at church, about our past relationship. I wouldn't want any girl to ask me about him and judge him through my lenses.

  3. It's really not a problem. Generally people are understanding that, yeah, life goes on and people need to meet other people. I dated within the same YA group all throughout my undergrad and MA (four or five girls from the same community). The only time it caused drama in the wider group was the one time I actually screwed up... and people got over it pretty quick.

  4. Hey man. I asked a church girl out and all she did was say yes and then ghost me, allowing me to humiliate myself after telling my friends I got a date with a girl. So it could have been worse. I’m really not trying to make light of this. But just know you have a good friend at least.

  5. Good answer. What could she possibly say? "I told him no and he asked someone else out! Can you believe it?!" People would look at her like she had 2 heads. Lol Don't sweat it, ask another girl in the group out. You'll find it happens a lot. God bless.

  6. ask them out when you have interest. Its not marriage, its a date. Don’t let too much time pass, strike when the iron is hot.

  7. A lot of girls in church groups are reluctant to date the men there. I know of one guy who was known to ask out every new girl that came to any event and then politely let her go with the promise of remaining friends and getting invited to his parties.

  8. That guy should be kicked out of the group and not be allowed to come back. Unacceptable. It is no surprise that these groups always have drastically skewed male to female ratios.

  9. I agree with other posters that it might be a good idea to not ask out other girls from your church group for a while lest they feel like a consolation prize.

  10. You had the courage and did it. You survived rejection. now do it again and don't wait so long. The sting will go away, don't build it up in your head. You don't have to wait next time. I guess if you had a major crush on her then maybe let a bit of time pass to be over it and not still hung up on her when dating the next. Desensitize yourself to rejection and learn it's not so bad. Ask the next girl out quicker.

  11. From a woman’s perspective, it’s true. If I was attracted to someone I wouldn’t be their friend. Not to say that friends don’t slowly develop feelings but like AgereContra said, a year is too long and that meant at some point you’re put into the friend zone category. If she wanted something more she would have started subtly flirting with you to initiate attraction from your end before you friend zone her.

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