30/09/22 Santiago, Chile. Monumental stadium roof collapses after fans climbed on top of it.

  1. Think it has been a pretty bad year. I believe that gang fight at the Mexican soccer game happened less than a year ago. Craziest shit I ever saw, I wonder if they are going to be able to get similar attendance after that fight.

  2. I always see Europeans complain that American sports are too commercialized because they're franchised, but I'd much rather that than the crazy stuff I've seen in soccer/football in the last year or so.

  3. Bill Buford’s *Among the Thugs” is an interesting deep dive into football tribalism in England. Immersive journalism. He actually joins the thugs to better understand them.

  4. Yeah the book is one of a kind. Also hard to believe this is the same guy who got obsessed with cooking and immersed himself in Italy and France (“Heat”). Still “Immersive journalism” but as far apart on the spectrum as you can get.

  5. It’s not a roof, it’s a billboard. The quota in the article even says so. Who injected “roof” into this?

  6. I can't figure out the POV of that first video. First it's in the stands looking up at the sky, and then a second later the POV is below the stands walking away

  7. It's an expected/predicted result after exposure to stresses beyond its design limit but it's still a structural failure.

  8. In structural engineering we’d call it a failure regardless of whether or not it was designed for that load.

  9. Whatever arena sport is deemed the most masculine attractive sport in a given culture, will always become the most toxic fandom, as machoism validation and alcohol invariably flows in the wake.

  10. Soccer fans man... Let's light a bunch of flairs on fire so we can't even see the field so when the millionaires pretend to get tripped we can beat the fuck out of each other and threaten the ref and coaches

  11. That had to be going down either way at some point right? I'm sure lots fell off but it doesn't seem like that many people are on it to cause this.

  12. Are south and central American teams fans the worst behaving? I accidentally got on a 20 minute video of Mexico vs what seemed like they were fighting every team in the world. Brazil killed a ref over a bad call. The huge fight between .. woah.

  13. Contexto: fue una arenga al equipo, no fue un partido, casi no hubieron lesionados a pesar de que los monos que se subieron ahi se lo merecian

  14. Foreigners criticise American football fans of being low class and problematic, but who has systemic post game riots with dozens of people dead?

  15. What foreigners? Dude, there are 7 billion people, everyone does everything, most is stupid shit. I've lived my whole life in a "not the us", you know what people think about American football? Nothing, no one has ever shared a thought about it with me. We couldn't even tell you who won the last superbowl, we couldn't say what a superbowl precisely is. How could "foreigners" have an opinion on its fans? And I mean, it's pretty fucking obvious it doesn't get worse than soccer fans. Even then, there are probably hundreds of soccer games played all over the world every day, not all them end in "riots".

  16. What is wrong with soccer fans? Doesn't seem to happen with baseball, American football, golf (just threw that in for the funny visual of golf fans rioting politely), lacrosse, whatever. Why soccer?

  17. Nope. Victor Jara died on the then called Chile Stadium, now named on his honor (Victor Jara) stadium.

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