Gas tank/truck explosion Bloomfield MO 9-28-2022

  1. The gasoline fumes entered the intake of the truck, you see the black smoke coming from the truck? That’s the truck “running away” which triggered the explosion

  2. That’s amazing to hear given the worker running to get into the cab (why? To put out his cigarette??) and didn’t see him leave, then that’s where the explosion appears to begin.

  3. Thanks though. For reminding me why I get anxious driving next to those. My unreasonable fear makes sense again.

  4. Looks like at ~10 seconds the tank reaches full and begins gushing from a vent on top. Driver heads to the cab and by ~20 seconds the flow reaches peak. I suspect the driver must have disconnected the PTO then because the flow out the vent abruptly stops. Then a plume of exhaust blasts out of the truck stacks, probably the engine ingesting fumes and running away. Runaway engine throws enough heat out the exhaust to ignite the vapors from the spill.

  5. Just to add in, the engine was probably starting to rev up when he was getting back in the cab. Dedicated fuel haulers have air shut offs on the engine intake, the puff of smoke would have been from the lack of air in the last few combustion strokes.

  6. Wait, in US they keep trucks running while filling tanks? That's incredibly dangerous, i mean there are signs to turn off your car while filling gas. It would be logical to turn off your truck too.

  7. Could someone explain this run away engine thing for a 5 year old? Still confused. The diesel engine ingested gasoline? And this made it really hot?

  8. Absolutely unreal that apparently there were no serious injuries. I would have surely expected flash burns on that operator.

  9. Thankfully it looked less like an explosion and more like the fuel caught, the cab probably kept the worst of it out, I’d imagine there wasn’t enough force to crack a window

  10. I was watching the little dude in the red shirt the whole time like "run away! RUN AWAY" and after the kaboom I was sad for a second, but my man made it! You go little dude in the red shirt!

  11. The truck was already running that’s what powers the pump. The smoke was caused by the engine sucking fumes and running away. The engine blowing up is what ignited the spilt fuel.

  12. I havent seen anything quite saying this yet...but i am to take it this is the guys fault for over filling that thing?

  13. The rig was already running, that’s what runs the pump. The smoke you see just before the fire is the truck sucking fumes thru the air intake, running away, and blowing up. That’s what ignited it. Looked like he was trying to save his dog when he opened that door.

  14. Kinda looks like the PSV on the storage tank released. An overfill condition perhaps. Starting the truck is likely the ignition source.

  15. I can’t BELIEVE that guy got out of that. I was SURE I was watching a man about to die, only to see him stumble away at the end

  16. Adrenaline is a hell of a drug. Burns on large sections of your body can be fatal years later if the healing process dosen't keep you infection free. He's definitely not in the clear just because he ran from the truck.

  17. great show for the school children at the end. That's the kind of story none of the other kids would believe. The best kind.

  18. I live about five minutes away from there, about two hours later a truck pulling gas flipped between Poplar Bluff Missouri and Fisk Missouri and blew up you could see smoke for miles

  19. The simple fact that “Dust in the wind” is playing is ominous enough to realize what the chaotic hell is about to happen!

  20. I've never understood why people film screens to get videos. If you already have access to the server to play the video and record it, then you can just simply upload the original file.

  21. Not every security system video is easily uploadable, I worked at one place that was completely standalone from any computer system. Simply uploading isn't always an option.

  22. Emailing the file or saving to a thumb drive could be against a company policy and they might be able to track it. Recording in a room that isn’t deemed a room with strictly no photography is way safer.

  23. There are a thousand shit DVR security systems with hacked together software that saw like one production run, never to be thought about again.

  24. Our company's replay feature on security footage dosen't allow for transfer of video files because of the security issues allowing that can bring. If I can remove a video file I can then also doctor it at home and reload it to the server.

  25. This isn't a bleve because the liquid wasn't boiling before the explosion. This is just a bunch of fuel squirting into the air.

  26. He didn't start the truck. The engine in the truck was running while he pumped the gas out of the tanker. What you're seeing happen with all the smoke is the gasoline vapors being sucked into the air intake and over revving the engine. As soon as enough burning fuel starts coming out of the exhaust that's when it ignites the vapor outside the engine.

  27. It’ll be a Diesel engine and it would already have been running to power the pump. What you’re seeing there is the Diesel engine ingesting the vapor from the fuel and running away. Once it starts running away there’s practically no stopping it (particularly for a stationary truck connected to a fuel hose)

  28. It looks like the tank was overfilled, and a safety release triggered to allow the overflow to vent. The the fuel vapor came into contact with a spark, likely the truck's running engine.

  29. No. The truck was already running. All that black smoke is from the gasoline vapors getting sucked into the intake and over revving the engine.

  30. Why are the people just watching it and doing NOTHING at all? Even when the school bus goes by, zero concern for human life!

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