Nord Stream Russia-Europe Gas Pipelines - Ruptures in multiple locations (26/09/2022)

  1. I wonder if it's a Russian-orchestrated pretext for shutting down gas to Europe permanently, but I'd love to hear what others think. No doubt foul play was involved.

  2. Biden said back in February that if Russia invaded Ukraine, in regards to the Nordstream pipeline “we would bring an end to it”.

  3. You have to ask what the purpose would be and what can reasonably expected by doing so. They know nord stream is basically a stranded asset at this point anyway.

  4. The US energy sector exports of LNG definitely benefit. They have been ramping up and taking advantage of the energy crisis this far. Seems like a hard dependency on the US now, even if Ukraine de-escalates. Not saying this is a US lead sabotage, but they do have a track record for false flag exercises; Vietnam, and Cuba come to mind.

  5. Ive seen people blaming the Russians, but why would they blow up their biggest bargaining chip? They supply most of Europe with natural gas via that pipeline, right? And with winter coming Europeans are going to need gas to heat their homes. Wanting the gas out of that pipeline is the only thing that would bring them to some sort of agreement with Russia and Putin knows this. I don't see why he'd blow up the best leverage he has on western Europe.

  6. Shit! That’s a whole lot of gas bubbling up - the largest being 1km in diameter - which can’t be good for the atmosphere. I wonder if they’ll flare them to burn that gas into good old CO2 and make it a little safer for water/air traffic.

  7. Oh, would you look at that.. it seems that the Danes have figured out how to release footage without harming national security or providing adversaries with valuable information by simply blurring out the sensor data.

  8. Coincidently an internet cable that connected Europe proper to Scandinavia was damage before the war. Some thought it might have involve Russians.

  9. Some are saying it was the Russians sending a message to NATO that they have this capability. In the event of any escalation, other underwater energy pipelines will also be targets. Quite a few of them about…

  10. Not sabotage. It's the deep sea creatures coming up to eat humanity after eons of hiding in the deep trenches. Don't you read! It's a megalodon! or maybe a giant octopus!

  11. Boycott europe, I deduce that they have agreements that oblige them to supply a certain amount or they would incur sanctions, that would explain that for months now there have been mysterious accidents that include large fluctuations in supply, outages and now explosions.

  12. They wouldn’t. They are using gas (through these pipes) as a bargaining chip in dealing with Europe. The US has more motivation in sabotaging these pipes to kidnap Europe on their chariot. (Just a statement about motivation. No evidence.)

  13. I’m really struggling to understand why Russia would do this, assuming they’d be the only ones I can think of stupid enough to do it.

  14. My guess would be that internal politics in Russia, if there is an opposing contingent saying “we desperately need money, if we back down in Ukraine and turn that Gas back on then money will flow in tomorrow”. By destroying the pipeline it gives the opposing contingent no positive story - it’s support the regime or nothing.

  15. I'm guessing it's gonna get fixed despite this whole situation because only other alternative would be closing off gas and that would let the water to flow in since currently gas is still pressurizing pipeline and not letting water in. Seawater in pipeline would damage it greatly for sure.

  16. I guess we'll just dismiss the idea that it was the one country that had the most to gain, literally threatened to do

  17. Pres. Biden: "If Russia invades...then there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it."

  18. More pretext of why they can't deliver. Although their blatantly obvious bullshit reasons they came up with so far seemed good enough to them so it seems kinda unlikely.

  19. Trouble is they could have set charges on the lines weeks ago. Pinning it on them might not be that straightforward. But given Putin’s style of ‘what you gonna do about it?’ it could well be sloppy work. “Submarine explosives forensics” is on the card of someone headed that way no doubt.

  20. I mean not really? Basically all of Russia's submarines operate in the Baltic sea, they're constantly in there and patrolling. The charge could have been set weeks ago in any case. I don't think a possible Russian submarine being vaguely in the area they always operate in a few days ago really proves anything one way or the other.

  21. Whyyyyy. There are other methods of sabotage that don't kill thousands of marine life. Can't humans just keep their wars to the humans.

  22. It won't really damage marine life. Methane hydrates are already in the ocean. It's a whole lot of greenhouse gas though.

  23. The Russians are needlessly killing people which, imho, are far more important to me (despite the fact I never had the slightest hope of meeting them) than any localized damage to sea life.

  24. Although even at the height of the Cold War and iron curtain paranoia, the west was buying oil and gas from the USSR. This is something newer and more dangerous…

  25. Ukraine benefits. No more pleading EU to stop buying RU gas, now they face into the wind and deal with it.

  26. Why would the Russians do this? It makes no sense, EU countries gas reserves are already full and the gas pipelines were already shut down by Russia.

  27. Europe (specifically Germany) has said they’re getting off Russian gas by sometime next year, any faster would hurt their economy. Russians realized that if Germans are able to ease themselves off Russian gas, then their energy war bs isn’t going to work at all. So they’ve been trying to shut it down faster than Germans can transition. They’ve been shutting it down with unexpected maintenance bs all summer. They’ll blame the US or Zelensky for this, and then let energy prices go up even higher this winter. Hoping Germans will capitulate.

  28. I'm a cynical bastard by nature, so I can't help but wonder if this will be magically used as the justification for whatever Putin wants to do next.... almost as if it was a happy "accident" that it was damaged at this time for him.

  29. I love how Biden shut down the Keystone Pipeline on day one, but.....yeah, this is a great way to ignite WW3.

  30. Well, Biden did say the US would stop NS1 and 2 no matter what if Russia invaded Ukraine. Guess they kept their promises.

  31. But NS1 and NS2 were both stopped already. Germany has also repeatedly said NS2 was stopped permanently and after the shutdown of NS1 they also said they can’t trust Russia with energy ever again and they are working on becoming energy independent from a Russia right now.

  32. Not necessarily. The line will contain lots of gas - it is hundreds of kilometres of pipeline that is a meter across - and will take some time to leak out, even the pipe has been completely severed.

  33. “On 26 September 2022, the NS1 and the NS2 pipelines both ruptured with Baltic Pipe opening mere hours later. Unexplained large pressure drops were reported in both pipelines at the end-station in Germany. A gas leak from NS2 was located late on 26 September. Early on 27 September, two separate leaks in NS1 were discovered. The leaks are in international waters, but within the Danish and Swedish economic zones.[14] Both Berliner Zeitung and Le Monde newspapers have asked if it is sabotage, and a Kremlin spokesman said it could be. Both pipelines were not in operation at the time of these incidents, but do contain gas.”

  34. Honestly, Germany should just cap it off on their end and write it off as a total loss. They'd be Deutsche Marks ahead when the history books are written.

  35. Isn't there still a viable and working pipeline running through Ukraine? Or was that decommissioned after nordstream was completed? Back in 2014 i was hoping Ukraine would hold it hostage to get both the EU and Russia to pay attention to force Russia to get out of Crimea and leave Ukraine alone.

  36. One of the pipelines never went online and the other was shutdown because Putin said so a few weeks ago. We really didn't expect any gas to come from that direction in any case, so nothing substantial really changed except probabgly the talking points of the fringe groups that want to negotiate with Putin.

  37. Apparently seismic activity was recoded at the time of the 3 completely naturally occurring definitely not terrorist bombs or Russian false flag operations to give President Shitcan's cronies an ever growing list of attacks on Russia that can only be stopped by attacking the other country thats accused of carrying out the totally not Russian implemented attacks

  38. Ironically, green energy producers do... Until Germany manages to change the rules, such that we will pay more for electricity produced using fossil fuels, than energy produced using renewable energy.

  39. One interpretation of Biden's words would be that European countries would be pressured to not receive gas via these pipelines in the event of an invasion so as to harm Russia's economy. Recall that just before the invasion, Germany decided to not certify Nord Stream2, and that seems a viable interpretation of Biden's words.

  40. Nothing he does can ever surprise me. I can’t believe supposed experts were surprised at the invasion. He is an irl fucking Bond villain

  41. Putin very likely bombed Russian apartment buildings (killing 300+) to build support for a different war. We also know it's been Russian ships skulking around and fucking around in those waters the last few years. I doubt the US would have done this, but I don't doubt Putin would have. He's desperate.

  42. Hardly sabotage “fears” at this point. Putin clearly blew it up in THREE places. How much are we going to sit back and let him get away with??

  43. My guess that as it gets colder and europeans can't work or heat their houses they would apply pressure on their governments to drop sanctions to get the gas turned back on. NATO just ensured that cant happen.

  44. It's funny, that people not living in Europe thinking it's gonna be like the Siberian tundra. (It's not, people know how to layer up.)

  45. It's the best thing that ever happened this summer. This will either bring the US and NATO into the picture, or maybe it will give russia the win. It was a heil Mary to the person or persons who did it and I hope things happen. If russia drops an Hydrogen bomb, they will be very sorry. That leaves only the current type of war as a choice. If I was a betting man, I would say that Ukraine is going stay Ukraine as it was before this war and possibly more.

  46. If this was Russia the west would have an idea and they'd be chomping at the bits pointing their finger and using it as a reason for escalation. But they're not. So if it wasn't Russia, who was it? Ukraine? Poland? Looking at you CIA

  47. Danish and Swedish seismographers have confirmed that these where human (Russian) created explosions equivalent to more than 100 kg of TNT.

  48. Americans have a vessel under a foreign flag that had a little oopsie. Start more war. Great for their economy not so great for its men and women that’ll be fighting that have brainwashed since infancy about some false patriotic BS. I love the states and it’s great people but it has to stop. The only thing Ukraine is to the states is a huge money laundering factory for a select few wealthy American oligarchs

  49. This is a hot take and a half haha. The far more sane explanation is the Russians have blown up their own pipeline. I'm not quite sure how you've got "America bad" from Russian starting a war with Ukraine with the aim of annexing Ukrainian territory though.

  50. it's pretty obvious who benefits from this, let us see what the mainstream media come up with over the next few days. They can get really creative

  51. not half as interesting as the fairytales spun into whole cloth by fascist boner pill salesmen are going to be.

  52. Pootin perhaps did not like the Ramstein Alloy military exercises that’s ending today in Baltic. Any relation? Purely coincidental? Thank you Slava Ukraine

  53. There are two pipelines, Nordstream 1 was the original and operational pipeline. The second one, imaginatively called Nordstream 2 isn't live yet. I believe this is Nordstream 1, which was recently shut a few days 'for maintenance', but was back up and running.

  54. I will say that this is all the way to ruZZias fault. Pootin got winky pinki cry baby because he couldn’t make the west to negotiate or whatever.. and basically he says “fuck it, because I had to do “partial” mobilisation, heres the price you’re gonna pay —no more gas forever”, I think this would be one reason, and the 2nd one is divide and conquer.

  55. US never wanted it to exist, so of course they sabotaged it, and perfectly times for the on coming winter.

  56. Maybe those are points in the pipeline where there can release gas in sections of pipe If they have to work on the line.

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