Tragic midair collision last week in Germany results in the loss of two lifes

  1. This is why, after the Ramstein Air Show Tragedy, air shows in germany got strict rules about where they could take place and were also banned from performing tricks while flying towards spectators.

  2. That was way more gentle than Hollywood has trained me to anticipate. They just sort of tangled up and flopped out the air when presumably they interfered with each others wing function.

  3. I've seen every kind of plane crash in video form - some are oddly graceful like this, some are very fast, some are in between. It just depends on the circumstances.

  4. All i can think is how dieing because you / your coworker did a loop de loop in a plane show is a really pointless way to go. And they had time to reflect on that too.

  5. not pointless, the thrill of these pilot's performances are because they are skilled and what they do is dangerous. they know the risks and they do it because they enjoy it. no point in living if you are too afraid to do what you love

  6. It kinda looks like that one plane was done with the show while the other continued to do a loop? Before that they did everything together at the same time.

  7. Jeezus. Are there any air shows where the pilots survive?? It seems like every other air show I see has a some sort of tragic catastrophe. Maybe it’s time to pull the plug in air shows if there’s only a 50/50 chance of everyone living through it.

  8. I don't think it's that often... I went to one last Sunday and it was the last day of a three day event. The did some crazy tricks and I am sure they did them in the earlier two days too. No accident whatsoever

  9. The thing I also find chilling is that the person filming says nothing. At all. They’re following the planes but don’t even gasp.

  10. Someone else pointed out that this was likely filmed by a drone. Look at how far above ground the camera is at the end of the video.

  11. You wouldn’t be able to properly maneuver at an altitude that would allow you to “””recover””” from something like that

  12. Ejection seats are hilariously dangerous. A system of explosives to blow open a clear path for the seat, and a set of rocket engines to blast the seat and pilot out. They have to be sensitive enough to work perfectly when needed, but insensitive enough to be guaranteed not to work when not needed.

  13. The aircraft flying straight and level was inverted. From what I can see they got stuck canopy to canopy so ejection wouldn't have been an option anyways.

  14. Personally I just like seeing them fly. I don’t need to see risky tricks and stunts. Especially older aircraft. No need to risk them or their pilots for the sake of some stunts.

  15. Idk why you're getting downvoted, plane stunts are dumb and have ended many a SKILLED pilot's lives.

  16. The only thing that went wrong was that they hit each other. They’re using planes designed for aerobatics and they wouldn’t be performing at an air show if they didn’t know what they were doing

  17. With all that space.. if planes can collide in the air when both are certified to fly than that just show's the dangers of cars even when you're the best driver, stay safe.

  18. I’ve witnessed a fatal crash from a similar vantage. Local air show was going on and I was at a near-ish field for my soccer game. We were all watching the planes do loops, etc. and they would always seem to dive low then reappear.

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