On the 24th of September 2009 a SA Airlink plane crashes in a Durban school after an engine failure. The crash killed the captain and injured 3 people.

  1. The captain actually died on the 7th of October about two weeks after the crash and the reason was because he wasn’t wearing his shoulder harness at the time of the impact.

  2. If I recall correctly, one of the engines failed shortly after takeoff, but the pilot feathered the propeller on the working engine by mistake.

  3. Modern airplanes are incredibly safe and pilots in most countries are highly trained professionals. You'll be just fine! Enjoy your vacation

  4. that's a good thing, with each crash we learn more and aviation gets safer. the majority of reported incidents have zero fatalities and most aren't even crashes - but they're treated just as severely. it takes a lot of discrete variables going wrong concurrently for a crash to happen, and every day we increase that number

  5. You will notice that most of this stuff happened many years ago - 15+ for anything in the west because the practices and engineering have changed to such a degree that these things do not happen on commercial aircraft anymore in places where the lessons have truly landed. Any US/CAN/EUR/AUS/JP/KR carrier now has all of that safety built into their operations. Most of the carriers elsewhere have too.

  6. A hero captain, giving his life so everyone else could live. Even if it wasn’t necessarily intentional it’s still heroic

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