Major grain bin failure in Delphi, IN. All employees accounted for with no injuries. 9/19/22

  1. I bet they could sell it for 20k and some idiot would buy it. Saw one at dealer near me marked up to 50k. Msrp was 27k

  2. Every single failure posted here seems to be people trying to get too much stuff into something that isn't meant to hold too much stuff.

  3. Yeah, grain silos actually explode due to pressure buildup inside of various gases. They're lucky nothing sparked or we would have seen it forty miles away. Silos are actually some of the most dangerous jobs on farms.

  4. For real! "Corwin Ford of Nampa (Idaho)" is a radio ad I hear all the time, and yet here is the same logo and design. I guess they're all over then.

  5. I have a real dumb question. Now im from the west coast, so i dont know a damn thing about growing grain and storing it. So i was curious if all that grain is a loss, or can they use some of it commercially like livestock feed or some other useful way other than the trash barrel?? Im just the type of guy that hates to waste anything.

  6. The majority if it will be fully recoverable, it'll take a lot of loaders but it can be done. The biggest challenge right away would be fire prevention from the dust and getting it cleaned up before it could get rained on too much.

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