What on earth is this thing my kid brought home??

  1. I really hope they don't make secondary school kids make these. They are well getting lobbed at each other on the bus.

  2. I got in trouble with the vicar for eating the dolly mixtures on the Christingle one xmas service. I mean, I was 5 and someone handed me sweets. Without any instructions, how was I supposed to know that I was going to be handing it off to some other child from an older age group for their hymn?

  3. And wrap it in tinsel. Where's the pizzazz? We used to wrap ours in ribbon AND tinsel, cause we loved our religious objects to be pimped out. Maybe the cost of living crisis means that tinsel is out of their budget.

  4. I just saw the raisins, utter bullshit. You're not going to want to sneakily eat them while walking round the church with them lit and pretend you dropped your sweets.

  5. Upgrading the raisins to marshmallows is more fun. You can roast the marshmallows when you light the candle. We only did that one year and they went back to dried fruit.

  6. I'm sorry to break this to you, but, it's drug paraphernalia. By the looks of this one (a four pronger) your kid has probably been "zesting" it up and getting all "raisined out of it" for quite some time. You need to stage an intervention ASAP.

  7. The 70s? These are from the 1700s! They're Moravian, originally from Germany (although yes, they caught on in the uk in the 70s/80s)

  8. I remember the ribbon was his blood but that might be me misremembering and mixing it with communion wine/ribena

  9. I'm sure I remember being told that, as well as the four Sundays of advent, the four sticks represent Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and possibly also the four seasons. Very multi-purpose.

  10. I'd forgptten all about these. When I was in the Brownies growing up we got one of those given to us at Xmas when we went for the service to sing carols.

  11. This is the first top comment that seems to register James Acaster, even if it is obliquely, and thus, the upvote upon thee I do bestoweth...

  12. "In 2006, Chelmsford Cathedral in the UK announced that it would be replacing the candles with glowsticks, due to concerns of children's hair catching on fire"

  13. It’s a christingle! Bit early yet though isn’t it? Don’t they make your kid trek out in the pissing rain holding it to go sing a load of hymns in church during the last week of term?

  14. Nah my mum had hers last weekend! I don’t think they’re fixed on anything in the Christian calendar so it’s whenever your vicar has a slow weekend to fill I think

  15. There was one dumped in our hedge yesterday. Presumably some kid thought “this is wank” and lobbed it in there on the way home. It’s a bit early for the Christingle though innit? I’m not Christian so I might be wrong, but I thought it was a Christmas Eve thing.

  16. Nearly sat on one at a playground once. I thought it was a creative child's prank at first, butt spiker but yeah Christingle

  17. Used to love making these in school but I would've eaten all the sweets off of it before I got home lol We used to put dolly mix on the sticks

  18. christingle. we were dragged into a church service every year but all people cared about was eating the sweets and trying to singe their eyebrows. good times

  19. The orange of Christingle! There's a throwback to my childhood, we used to have a song about it at school / church set to the tune of The Holly and the Ivy 🤣

  20. Welsh heathen here…when my friends told me about this I thought they were insane. Also, that’s the most pagan thing I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen some very pagan things 🤣

  21. Don't worry its just an attempt by the church to groom your kid. It never did me any harm and as a bonus my farts don't make a sound

  22. I was getting children's rhyme vibes, the Butcher the baker the candlestick maker except there's no Butcher, presumably someone threw him off and he swam home

  23. Isn’t it supposed to have cloves in it as well? I’m sure I remember being made to make these as a tiny person for Xmas. Good ol catholic schools.

  24. Christingle. We made something similar in primary school and that was around 30 years ago but it has something to do with Jesus.

  25. Christingle, a woman who taught both me, my brother and my dad used to come in for christingle every year and slowly wither away in front of us.

  26. Its a Christingle. It's a representation of Christian symbols. The candle being Jesus the light of the world. I think the four sticks and raisins are the corners of the world. There's often a red band around the middle representing the whole of creation. Common in many churches during Advent.

  27. Church of England schools did it. I don't understand why a secular school is doing it, and why they switched the sweets for raisins haha.

  28. I loved getting these as a kid than my mum wouldn’t allow me to eat the dolly mixtures as we didn’t know who had held them before hand.

  29. Yep, bloody Christingle! Had a mad dash to Sainsburys on my lunch to purchase oranges and dolly mixtures for my kids for tomorrow. Am choosing not to attend the church service.

  30. Christingle celebration. The candle is jesus presiding over the world (the orange). The red tape around the orange represents blood of christ. The 4 toothpicks with raisins ( or dolly mixtures) are gods creations of the 4 seasons.

  31. I set my fringe on fire with one of these things while parading it round the church, serves me right for trying to eat the dolly mixtures we used in place of raisins.

  32. It’s a Cristingle, I used to get these when I went to the village hall at Xmas; except ours had jelly tots on so they were better

  33. aww the memories of making this as a kid in school and not being tempted to eat the sweets. I went to a C of E school so did this every year.

  34. Used to love getting those but ours had jelly tots and raisins. We used to reinsert the toothpicks in at 90⁰ to the candle to create some sort of holy cannon-armed Jesus mech.

  35. i want to know where a child acquired this or the idea to construct it. what purpose does it serve. childrens minds truly are terrifyingly fascinating

  36. Aahhhhh Christingle. Reminds me of primary school and eating all the jelly tots and trying not to burn my hand with candle wax.

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