do you eat a kiwi with or without the skin

  1. I used to think this was the weirdest thing but about a year ago I just tried it and I never went back. You don't really taste the skin and it's much easier to eat, no waste, and no getting kiwi stuff everywhere.

  2. I always eat the skin - but the kiwi has to be properly ripe. It's been years honestly since I've found a good ripe kiwi fruit though, most supermarkets seem to pride themselves on turning out underripe overpriced crap which then immediately transforms from 'tennis ball' to 'rotten mush' without an in between phase. It's cos of supply chains and being frozen maybe? But if you can find a decent batch, then you get the perfect balance between the slight bitterness of the skin and the soft sweetness of the flesh.

  3. Ya. Skin is no thicker than apple, possibly less so. You don't notice it compared to the juicy interior. I eat everything except the nobbly top bit

  4. This is how we (kiwis) grow up eating them. The kiwi fruit here (UK) are never quite as ripe though. Cut in half and then just a gentle squeeze should see the whole half inard slurp/slip out.

  5. Such a good source of vitamins and electrolytes, even if they're a little sharp it's only temporary. Not sure about the hairs though...

  6. I always thought that until I saw a dietician for some issues and she told me it's a great source of fibre so I tried it and it's fine, barely even notice it after the first few bites

  7. I used to be against eating kiwi with the skin on until a colleague told me to try it, I've never looked back since, skin on ftw.

  8. I used to eat them without the skin, but whilst learning Chinese my Taiwanese teacher saw me doing it and honestly laughed. She asked me what I would do if I saw a person eating a banana with a spoon, to her it was nonsense not to eat the skin like they do where kiwis are grown

  9. Wouldn't it be more like a banana with the peel on? Fair enough on the other point though. I guess it's worth trying if that's how they eat them in China. Also... I had no idea they were originally from their until your comment.

  10. Skin on. The skin is full of antioxidants, vitamin c and e, plus it keeps all the juices in and stops any mess.

  11. All the vitamin C is in the skin, they have absolutely shit loads of it but you waste it if you don't eat the skin.

  12. With. Once you get over the fuzziness, it's a lot more convenient, efficient and tastes better, the skin contains a lot of flavour! Try it.

  13. I’m allergic! But even if I wasn’t ….skin off…I can’t eat peaches unless they’re peeled … furry food no thank you

  14. I was once told all the antioxidants of a kiwi lie just under the skin and most people don’t get the benefit of them eating it conventionally. No idea if it’s true but since then I’ve always eaten it as it comes. Freaks people out when you bite into it like an apple.

  15. I eat it with but I've been called odd that many times that I generally keep the information to myself. Glad to hear I'm not quite alone. We should start a support group or something.

  16. Used to eat them the boiled egg way until a friend from school who's dad is from New Zealand told me that you can just eat the skin. Eaten them that way ever since.

  17. I grew up in New Zealand and we had boxes of them during the summer. Always with the skin. Less mess, less fuss. Well, eat too much of them and the mess was elsewhere later on...

  18. I was gonna say that I don't like hairy balls in my mouth, but that would be a lie, so maybe I should try it.

  19. I only found out a few weeks ago you can eat the kiwi with the skin and I haven't had a chance to eat it that way yet... we'll see how the texture stands and then I'll know.

  20. My preference is to cut the top off and eat the innards like an egg with a teaspoon. Lots of people here are saying you can’t taste/feel the hair, but they must have lead tongues because I most certainly can and it’s disgusting 🤢

  21. Without, I tried the whole 'just bite it' meme but the skin is bad! Also I quite enjoy sitting and eating it with a spoon, makes it feel like a mini dessert

  22. With. It's not nice by itself because it's quite sour and bitter but adds lots of nutrition and texture when eaten with the flesh

  23. Recently become a skin-on convert. So much better and easier. Admittedly the first time I tried it it was like eating someone’s stubble…. But it’s fine now.

  24. Wow- Its marvellous that this topic has been brought up! Something I'm very adamant about, is that Kiwi skin is 100% edible. My daughter and her mum like a nice Kiwi, but they usually cut in halves and go to town with a spoon, or otherwise peel it fully or otherwise slice and eat like a melon.

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