As long as this kind of thing exists in the UK, I'll never be able to properly grow up

  1. There was supposedly a landlady of a like-named pub in Erbum Tillett, Hetrfordshire, who's name was Lynda Lykes.

  2. I was disappointed to find that there is no such village as Erbum Tillet, but when you search for that in google maps you get directed to the Cock Inn in Sarratt. Obviously google maps is in on the joke.

  3. It’s all a century long running joke isn’t it. How to make inappropriate words legal to say. In contest off course.

  4. Their was a pub ~300 years old in Scotland that was called The Black Bitch (named after a legend about a dog) that was made to change its name a few years ago for obvious reasons.

  5. Stupidly, the roof was the first thing I thought about as I was scrolling down, before seeing the name.

  6. I stayed in hotel called moor cock my boss kept calling it more cock mistakenly obviously the child I am found this hilarious

  7. Haha, when we go to the West Country, can't remember exactly where but do remember laughing very hard at a pub called "The Men dip inn" still makes me laugh now.

  8. I think we have olde English to thank for our naughty/not naughty words. I think these days there's definitely words we'd avoid using as the connotations have changed. I doubt anyone would open Cock Hairdressers these days 🤣

  9. Several hundred years ago , my mates, me and the now mrs would get 'locked in' for the odd private function at this very establishment. I wonder if they still have the old bar billiards table.

  10. Growing up on the west coast of Cumbria, we used to go out for tea at The Black Cock Inn in Broughton-in-Furness.

  11. I’ve got The Cock Hotel at the bottom of my road, mum used to work there so all I’d ever hear is ‘your mum serves people at the cock’

  12. I live about 10 mins from here. Used to drive past it everyday and have a chuckle to myself on the way to "badgers mount" at "Pratt's bottom" 😂

  13. On QI Alan Davies said once that he used to frequent a pub that advertised "Liquor in the front, poker in the rear".

  14. Last year a place called Ballywatticock set the temperature record in NI. Half the replies to the met office tweet were lamenting climate change, the other half (me included) childishly laughing at the name of the place.

  15. There’s a pub near me, recently changed its name. But for more than 60 years was the Cock Inn. It sat on the corner of a main road and side road. Side road is called “Back Lane” Always made me chuckle when I drove past

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