This feels like the weirdest way to say 8 apples.

  1. Wackaging strikes again - see innocent smoothies, Oatly and Gousto Boxes - “things you can do with this box”- create an imaginary race car… oh do fuck off

  2. I'm all for printing actual jokes, cartoons, puzzles, trivia etc. on food packaging, if it's actually remotely entertaining.

  3. I did quite enjoy the "Snoot hole for a nosey pup" that was in the cardboard inlay of a Butternut dog food box I got for my dog the other week. Only one that has actually provided any entertainment (before the dog tore it to bits, which I guess provided entertainment for him).

  4. its the sort of "cute and quirky" style they are copying of Innocent where a corporation is trying to "be your mate"

  5. The worst is Sainsbury’s rebranding their basics line as “Hubbard’s Food Store”, a pseudo-independent family run grocery sounding label for their rankest and most processed bottom shelf shite.

  6. In these times when peoples budgets are stretched, they could have gone with "Made with 6 apples with another 2 free apples thrown in for good measure"

  7. It's like that 'one for the pot' thing. When I'm peeling tatties, there's a big yin for each person and one for the pot. No idea why I do this and who I got it from from.

  8. must admit i made a lunch order for a group of people in Berlin with my almost non existent German skills and could remember the word for 13 (i know....) so asked for 10 cheesburger meals, oh and 3 more :)

  9. It would be easier to say 8 but it's for the catch. But saying 8 apples inside is a lot less catchy than...this

  10. I fucking hate copy written in that style. Anti-design. Conversational, people-centric, people-first, over-wordy marketing bullshit.

  11. Because marketeers love to stretch anything they can get their hands on. The only career where you concentrate on conning your customers, legally.

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