It turns out we purchased "Meadow Grass" rather than normal Grass seed for the new lawn. I am not disappointed.

  1. The plant in the middle with the blue star-shaped flowers is Borage, which is an edible herb. I like to put a flower or two in a G&T or in a salad.

  2. That's good to know. There are various mints growing around the garden too. Lemon mint, spearmint, peppermint. I love to be able to eat what's available in the garden.

  3. The borage will be self-seeding as well so you'll have enough of it for seasons to come. Bees and other pollinators love it.

  4. Oh you lucky bastard! I tried this myself earlier in the year but because of the exceptionally dry and hot summer all I got was parched earth and bitter disappointment.

  5. I dropped 40m² of seed on 10m² by accident which might explain the massive growth. I also watered them every night for a week to get the seeds going.

  6. Wait till next year. Half the seeds in wildflower mixes take a year or more to germinate anyway. They just remain dormant until conditions suit them. Poppy seeds can sit for a decade without germinating if the conditions aren't right. Plus a lot of seeds require a cold spell first before they will know it's time to get going.

  7. Can you please tell me what you bought? We had our garden done over the summer and it was SUPPOSED to be down with this seed. So far, we've got nothing but weeds. And I mean weeds. Thistle and coltsfoot and other crap and most of the garden is still mud.

  8. The wildlife is amazing since we did this. I see various types of bees everyday. Plenty of Ladybirds and hover flies, birds. I spotted a Robin the other day. The odd Dragonfly to.

  9. This is so pretty! Please put on a pretty dress and sing whilst wandering around your meadow. I don't care if you're a man. The aesthetic is perfect

  10. We had a spare flowerbed one year and did this. It was awesome but they spread like crazy. It's been 3 years now and I'm still finding random flowers popping up in every unused bit of soil.

  11. Ahh lovely! I've been sowing clover this summer and it's starting to come through now, looking forward to it flowering next year. My plan is to section off the back third of the garden for a mini-meadow too. It must be amazing seeing all the bumblebees and butterflies and so on. Grass is so boring and sterile.

  12. If you want to maintain this, you will need to allow the flowers to set seed, then cut and remove all the cuttings to reduce nutrition going back into the soil. Generally for established hay meadows the cut is done in mid July so similar timing should work for your flowering lawn.

  13. Assuming you meant seed, I'm guessing most people don't know off the top of their head what a normal price for grass seed is

  14. Anyone know if this would be safe for a garden that gets used by a dog? I'd absolutely love to have a more natural back garden instead of boring and unnatural turf but don't want to have my dog ingesting toxic plants!

  15. Most of what you see there would be fine for a dog, it looks like calendula, borage, camomile, scabious, maybe some cornflowers, and poppy. At the left looks like some variety of wallflower maybe Bowles Mauve but I'm guessing that was OP's and not part of the seed mix. Either way nothing that would be toxic to a dog unless ingested in massive quantities possibly. Always worth checking indivudal seed mixes though in case it contains things like foxglove that carry a bit more risk.

  16. Beautiful! If I had a garden it would be an organised mess of native flora and stuff that’s good for the wildlife. Lawns are so strange looking to me and it’s basically a killer for wildlife. Something like what you have is great for the bees and other bugs.

  17. Alright so I know this isn’t what you wanted but what did you get/do? My dads been wanting to do this for a while to this level of effect but hasn’t had a lot of luck. Kinda want to get him this for Christmas.

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