1. This comment was the first time I have genuinely laughed out loud and as a result listed anxiousness off my shoulders. Thank you.

  2. It's an exercise bike. Don't necessarily have to pedal to get some benefits! Running down the street with it above your head is just as good exercise!

  3. A telephone box, a litter bin and an exercise bike went to the pub and the barman said "what a shame I can't think of a punchline"

  4. I had a room mate in uni who wanted to take one of these home when he saw it sitting abandoned in an alleyway. I was able to talk him down to just taking the seat.

  5. Hmm if it's functional and nearby I might actually find it useful. Biggest off-putting factor in getting one myself is needing somewhere to store it.

  6. You can get ones that fold up these days, in the manner of an ironing board/airer. Might be worth looking at those if space is an issue.

  7. Sorry, but maybe I'm just being a stupid American (it's so, so easy for us) and missing something obvious, but what's stopping someone from getting on that thing and riding it away? Shouldn't the cable loop *through* the frame? Honestly, I don't think the rider could be a very serious cyclist. I'd hate to meet them in a kickboxing ring, though...

  8. Either some joker decided they couldn't be arsed to either go to the tip or list the bike on gumtree/freecycle/whatever.... Or OC is a tragic karma farmer...

  9. Saw a guy had turned one of these into movable with pedals driving small scooter wheels. Look hilarious but must have been scary to ride

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