I need an honest British opinion. Is this a sane way to prepare crumpets? I've been making them like that for as long as i remember, because a grill is much faster to deal with than a pan.

  1. I'm so glad for all the comments on here saying this is insane. I was worried I'd been doing it wrong without knowing it

  2. Have always used the grill or toaster but you can do crumpets in a dry frying pan. My issue is more about the butter being put on before toasting tbh

  3. When you start with flour, yeast and water, you need a pan. When you start with a packet of crumpets, toaster/grill it is.

  4. This has upset me and ruined my whole week. Gonna need at least 3 cups of teas to calm down now, what.

  5. It’s not just Italians who erupt with outrage when a beloved (or even mundane) food is prepared in a non-traditional / inauthentic way.

  6. Am I the only one that agrees with them? Not crumpets but I do tattie scones like this all the time cause it saves so much effort

  7. I can't tell if you're trolling or not. Either it's an A* troll job or you need to be locked up for life. This is an unforgivable crime against nature.

  8. I thought it was common practice to toast crumpets, then try not to fling them across the kitchen whilst you desperately search for your plate

  9. Already done matey. They are under special surveillance. Armed police on standby. Keep an eye on the news. "OP shot in the head for repeatedly cooking crumpets WITH butter in a George Foreman grill".

  10. Put the butter on after you’ve cooked them, not before. No one wants singed butter, and part of the delight is to have some slightly unmelted butter in the mix.

  11. Just put them in the toaster. If you don't have one, use the grill (what you call broiling) on the cooker in the kitchen.

  12. I'm stuck where I have to use a pan because I'm stuck making them from scratch every time (only takes ten minutes, but still). This thread has been mind-blowing. I had never even considered toasting them after - my ring molds aren't quite tall enough for them to easily split.

  13. Am I the only one who things these look banging? Yeah it’s not orthodox but that shouldn’t stop innovation

  14. No! Under the grill or in toaster. When and only when they are ready put butter/marge on them, you can briefly put them under the grill after turning it off to melt it. I like marmalade on them after spreading the butter.

  15. Whilst I've never thought of using a pan or a grill for doing crumpets... There's a fear inside of me that wonders if I should try it... WHAT IF IT'S BETTER THAN A TOASTER??

  16. It is. Give it a try. The dual sided heating helps trap moisture from the butter and the parts that make contact with the grill plates become really crispy.

  17. My kettle broke and I'm skint. Currently either use the pot of the ping box for a cuppa and I want to cry. The pot water makes it taste like camp tea and the miccy makes the water frothy??? 😥

  18. seen a vid on youtube years ago american family trying to make tea or the first time. they didnt know if to put the teabags in the kettle or not. they had to go on google to find out. they were also confused at what a washing line was used for.

  19. I’d hunt you for sport if you treated a ripe pack of Warburtons crumpets like this you godless heathen. Be gone to the depths with you.

  20. I usually use a toaster as an adult but as kids my parents would use the grill. We'd never use the pan because it wasn't as crisp a toasted result. Unless we made them from scratch, in which case I recall the pan being out. Its totally normal to grill them and actually quite traditional.

  21. Hold up, this guy might be onto something, the grill looks like it seals the holes in the crumpet so does this means that the butter gets sealed in too? If it does then this person is too smart to be left alive.

  22. I don't have a toaster so I use a george foreman grill - bet those grill lines have some amazing taste from the maillard reaction! keep on shining bright.

  23. Toaster always and don’t undergo them or they taste crumbly and don’t fluff up properly for the butter (which you need to spread copiously on)

  24. You are supposed to toast them but actually I could get on board with this, add some cheese and a sprinkle of peppercorns and it's a fat yes from me!

  25. Funnily I avoid using a grill for most things because I find it much much easier to simply wash a pan. My grill doesn't have removable plates though for washing / soaking.

  26. You know there is this thing called a Toaster! It saves you all this faffing around and evenly cooks the crumpets.. Amazing I know! /s 🤣

  27. If I am actually making the crumpets yeah I'll use a cast iron griddle or pan. To prepare for eating I use the toaster or slap em under the grill.

  28. Dear god no. These premade crumpets you should put in a toaster. If you are making them yourself then use a regular flat pan.

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