A UK Hoodie?

  1. She can have my defaced school leavers hoodie if she wants. Nothing more British than a “class of 2012” hoodie with a nob drawn in sharpie on it

  2. Mateeeee There’s a bunch of little kids with their leavers hoodies on atm here and I cringe so hard. The worst is yet to come for the poor bastards

  3. This is a great suggestion cus it’s such good quality too. The map in the hood, the embroidered front instead of being a cheap print. Sick item.

  4. Ooh it's embroidered! Print hoodies are never worth £30+ but always get that unjustified price tag. This might be worth it!

  5. Where in the UK are you? You could get one from the most local university (not one of the famous ones, something like Sheffield Hallam) or tourist attraction.

  6. Seconding this; pretty much every uni is going to have a hoodie for sale, and some of them are likely going to have some nice looking designs on them!

  7. your husband is correct, there is no better shirt for a teenager than a meme that will be outdated in a year unlocking that retro-meme-chic

  8. Where do you live in the UK? Has she ever visited? Is there anywhere she has any particular affinity with? Does she like / love anything like Harry Potter?

  9. I own this t-shirt and recently wore it on holiday in Florida. Got stopped by a very American lady exclaiming "oh I just love Hyacinth!". I learned later it's the BBC's most popular export.

  10. I’m 19 and I have to tell you this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, the only thing that could top this is fawlty towers

  11. Haven’t they spelled her name wrong? Isn’t the whole joke that it’s spelled “Bucket”?

  12. Sad I have to go this far down the thread to get a good answer rather than all the cringe Reddit “in” jokes that won’t translate well at all

  13. People have been suggesting crap that is waaaay out of a tween's interest range, but everyone loves Paddington. When I was a kid, I had some sweet Paddington merch, including a bag, a purse and an apron

  14. If not UK wide. There are the Touristy shops in major towns like Cardiff and Hastings that might be right up your alley.

  15. There is a rather fab London Calling hoodie from PhilosophyFootball.com. Sorry I can’t link, I’m a boomer and technology is big ju ju

  16. https://www.redbubble.com/i/hoodie/AMEN-Greggs-Style-Sausage-Rolls-T-Shirt-Essential-TShirt2475-by-HavenWilderman/77099005.O6XP1?country_code=GB&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIu_zzlPHZ-AIVBrTtCh0ggw5TEAQYICABEgLJ1_D_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

  17. Tourists in Oxford seem to love Oxford Uni hoodies. Otherwise, how about one with the royal coat of arms on it? It's generic to all of the UK, looks aesthetically pleasing and isn't too clichéd (I've never seen someone wearing it).

  18. Have you ever been to Oxford street those hoodies are as common as dog muck . Better version you have linked us to but why would you wear a coat of arms on a hoodie .

  19. Harry Potter is quintessentially British. If she isn’t into it get her a Griffindor one, they’re pretty much like the Man U of wizard shite.

  20. I’ve just had a quick look on Amazon US site. If you search for “British hoodie womens” there’s quite a few available on the US site, some pretty cool ones actually if I’m honest.

  21. Yeah, I got a Greggs hoodie from Primark a few months back (that’s got to be the ultimate UK high street collaboration, surely?). Think it was just a one off thing, but you could probably find one on eBay?

  22. I live in the US and the "hoodie with something [place] on it" is a very American thing - universities being the big one. If you can find something with Oxford University or something like that, I think that'd go down a treat!

  23. An Oxford or Cambridge hoodie is cute/stylish with the right amount of Britishness and tends to be popular with Americans

  24. I’ve got to say the Beatles artworks usually looks better on t shirts. A Harry Potter one maybe , maybe with the Hogwarts crest or the gryffindor crest . If you’re looking for something a bit more quirky perhaps with London artwork of places .

  25. What about a "keep calm and carry on" hoodie. Plenty of variation in the theme to get something she is interested in.

  26. Maybe Abercrombie & Fitch? If you’re able to go to their London flagship store they sometimes sell hoodies with city names like London or have the UK flag on it.

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