Are you even british if you don't reference them?

  1. I think it is the citizenship test. Turn up, be shown into a room with a civil servant and a table. Barry, the civil servant, asks for help to move the table. He picks up one end, prospective Brit picks up the other. Barry say "To me" and the answer determines the outcome of the hearing.

  2. I remember a story about the chuckle brothers where they saved a woman from assault and they duffed him up. I have this mental of image of them punching the attacker one at a time saying "to me, to you!"

  3. I also can't hear someone say "Oh dear" without making my best effort at a Rotherham accent and responding with "Oh dear oh dear."

  4. Honestly, the Americans owned it way back with Laurel and Hardy’s The Music Box when they tried to move a piano, but I get what you are saying.

  5. My wife is European - she doesn't get it. It's painful every time I say "To me!" and get nothing in return.

  6. I helped my brother move a mattress the other week and I said "to me", and he just said "what? Oh haha funny". I should have disowned him then and there.

  7. I was pirating a lot of music in 2014, but I did not pirate To Me, To You (Bruv) by the Chuckle Brothers ft. Tinchy Strider. I paid actual, real money that I did not have as a university student for that song because it was for charity, and then proceeded to play it at every party I went to (which admittedly, was not many). I think I still have it on my phone.

  8. God can you imagine all those poor Americans moving furniture without having this phrase to call upon.

  9. This but unironically. Me and my best mate run a free "volunteering" moving service for his in laws ridiculous furniture. We once moved a clock that was more valuable than the contents of my entire living room. Old stuff is seriously heavy.

  10. There is an episode of Chucklevision where they go to a steam fair and almost get squished by a steam roller. It completely traumatised me as a three year old and I could never watch Chucklevision again.

  11. My son and I were carrying a heavy printer up some stairs. The "To me, to you" started and we had to put it down while we collapsed laughing. I hope this never gets old.

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