A boiling hot day on the Cleveland Way and lunch with a new friend.

  1. Awww I used to walk my black lab here as a sullen unappreciative teen! Thanks for the throwback! And I like your little bird pal :)

  2. Love it up there. Which stretch is that? It is hard to identify when it is usually pissing down or foggy when I go.

  3. Visited Staithes and walked along Cleveland way to Skinningrove and Loftus in 2020. Stunning part of the world.

  4. Yes. I'm doing if from Filey. Dunno if I'll finish it as I've done the part across the moors when I did the c2c a few years ago. No plans really :)

  5. How lovely. In the US we have a City in Ohio named Cleveland. I wonder if this is where the name came from. Thank you so much for sharing. What a beautiful place.

  6. That first pic is perfect. I’d love to take my guitar there to practise without parents screaming its too loud 👍

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