This is the same actor. Hwhat.

  1. He started out as a professional juggler, whence all the great bits in Green Wing where he expertly fumbles something for a hilariously long time. He's a fucking great actor but those bits especially killed me, I love physical comedy and it made total sense when I found out that was his original act.

  2. A couple of years ago I paid for a video message from Mark Heap to my brother in law for his birthday. He really went for it and did it in character as Jim. It was so funny, he is awesome!

  3. Another good one, is Johnson's friend in Peep Show who appears in one episode where he says to Mark "let's get seriously cunted" went on to be Ian Buckles from Line of Duty. He is also the barman in the first episode of The Inbetweeners.

  4. Me and my mates were obsessed with Jam at uni. I also happened to work in a toy shop at the time, so one day I brought home a ton of plastic lizards and left them all over the tv

  5. Thankyou for this. I saw Ghost Train on a caravan holiday as a child and almost completely forgot about it but now I've seen that clip, I can still remember the smell of the gas fire, the taste of the peach yoghurt and feeling disgusted by the black toast crumbs in the butter.

  6. Eh, Martin from FND suddenly popping up in Chernobyl as Dyatlov is still a mind-fuck for me. RIP Paul Ritter.

  7. There's hardly that much of a difference between the two roles. In the first pic he's playing a middle-aged, socially awkward, finickity geek. In the second pic he's playing a young, socially awkward, finickity geek. Every single role I've seen him in (except for one crimewatch thing when he played some mad German psychopath), he played a socially awkward, finickity geek.

  8. He is one of those comedy actors like Kevin Eldon who's brilliant in everything but hasn't got the fame of Simon Pegg or Steve Coogan.

  9. That’s the legendary Mark Heap! He is also amazing in Green Wing. Saw him in a Starbucks once near Cutty Sark, still my favourite celeb sighting

  10. He was also Leonard Hatred, inventor of Psilence, in the second series of Look Around You. A vastly underrated show that went from a very well done OU/schools tv pastiche in the first series to a take on Tomorrow’s World for series 2.

  11. He was fantastic in Jeeves and Wooster in the West End, was able to play multiple characters and stay in character when Robert Webb corpsed for more than a minute.

  12. My mind was blown when I found out he was around 40 at the time of spaced. I figured he was late 20s/early 30s like most of the rest of the cast.

  13. He’s amazing, I had a really cool English teacher who showed us The Day Today and Jam, and he is made for his role in Spaced!

  14. Saw him in a theatre show 20 years ago (with a company called Spymonkey I think?) and he was incredible. Like light up the room talented. Been a fan ever since.

  15. I bought a Cameo from Mark Heap as a Christmas present, he put WAY more effort into it than I expected, went fully in-character and did a drawing and everything. Absolute class act

  16. Anyone else old enough to have seen him in The Medieval Players in the 80s? Best Shakespeare/Chaucer I've ever seen and he was mesmerising in every role. And drop dead gorgeous too.

  17. I see having a moustache instead of a goatee, and donning a pair of specs has bamboozled you. Did you also know that Clark Kent and Superman, are one and the same?! You're welcome.

  18. When I watched Spaced for the first time, I though to myself "wow, that Friday Night Dinner guy really rips off this guy's humour" before realising...

  19. So a lot of people are stating the obvious, time plays a part, as does hair and makeup. Me and the missus were watching spaced and it blew my mind when I realised who it was. That's all. Special shout out to the Clark Kent comment, should have had a spoiler alert though!

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