Can you complain to your manager about a lazy coworker?

  1. So no, you can't really complain about a co-worker unless its about something actionable., because then you're just a shiner. What you can do, and the smart thing to do, is ask your manager for advice. That makes you a team member looking to improve your skillset.

  2. If he's 40 years older than you, he's probably in his sixties and just waiting for retirement. He probably no longer cares.

  3. Worked with a lazy fucker in the past. Take my advice, not worth the stress and people like that will hang you out to dry if given the chance. Now I’m not sure company structure but split the tasks out between you and him but have a regular update meeting with whoever is overseeing you. You do your stuff, he does his stuff. A regular sync (fucking hate the word but US companies love it) will then show how everyone is progressing. He won’t have a place to hide or you to hang as you’ll have your stuff tip top!

  4. I think I'll definitely have to do that on the next project. I have to train him in on it so I'll let the manager know how that's going so he knows he's gotten training! thank you!

  5. You won't beat someone like that. You'll end up coming across like a complainer and those older types always come out of it looking better.

  6. We did have a Trello board so I might go back and put my name on things I did vs. what he did! and I also have some notes.

  7. So the girl who would have helped me out is normally in charge of this next project but she's just left. While we look for a replacement (which will take yonks,) I'm taking over and I have to train him up. I'm going on leave for like 3 weeks soon so he'll need to take over it. It's not really a project, more of a big administrative job that's time sensitive.

  8. For the next project youre on with him, make a coordinated plan for the work, type it out in an email, and send it to the lazy co-worker and the managers above you guys. Get it on the record what parts of the work he is tasked with completing.

  9. Tell the manager you don't want to work with him because he doesn't help out and pull his wait and you don't want to be disrespected like that

  10. Tell your boss about the last project and how you and your trainee done most of the work while lazy bones done nothing. Obviously phrase it better that that, but that's the point you need to make. You don't need to complain, just say you're not sure if it's the right thing for the next project.

  11. Been there done that and bought the t-shirt. Best thing you can do is send an email to your coworker saying I'll do A B C, You do X Y Z and we'll catch up weekly etc etc. Then cc your boss and add a message along the lines of Hi (boss) as you can see we have divided up tasks and we'll be sure to fill you in weekly etc etc on how it's going so you're in the loop

  12. Sounds like he outrank you, you tried to lead him and set the standard and get your friend to do his work, and you think he is helping you on the next job.

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