How do you really get out of the "bad"?

  1. Yeah I'm mostly not getting sunlight since I don't go out very much. I'm active with running/jogging but I usually do it in the afternoon when there's no sunlight anymore. Will consider that thank you :)

  2. Definitely talk with a therapist. Find one you vibe with. They’re all a little different so don’t be afraid to shop around a little. Also. if you’re up for an experiment… try this. Make a list of the habits you think a healthy, happy person might have. Then for a week or two try those habits out. You mentioned you sleep schedule isn’t great. Start there. I know two huge triggers for me are sleep and food. If I don’t sleep and don’t eat energizing foods I feel like garbage. So when I’m feeling low I set alarms to remind me: “Snack time bruv” or “Eat at that Puerto Rican place” “fancy a nap” that sort of thing.

  3. perhaps try setting alarms? still working on the sleep schedule stuff myself tbh. also, maybe try thinking more positive thoughts, like mantras or phrases, which worked well for me over time, but it might just be the sleep deprivation getting to you :( take notice of the small things that can make you happy, best of luck!

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