Honest opinions! What do you think of the 1997-2003 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP?

  1. The 4l60e is one the most popular transmissions ever built and is massively customizeable... beefing one up right now :)

  2. Worked at a dealership when these were new. Loved the steering and the boost gauge in the center if the dash. Cool car for its day

  3. I had a 2004 Impala SS which was pretty much the same car with the same supercharged 3.8 engine. Drove it for 10 years and loved it. Only complaint I ever had with that engine was with whatever moron engineer decided to route the engine coolant through the belt tensioner using a pair of plastic elbows. I must have replaced those damn things five times before Dorman (bless them) came out with machined aluminium replacements.

  4. My brother had a Grand-Am from that generation. It must have been the same engineer who put in the plastic pieces that held up its windows. In the five years he had that car, he had to replace those at least four times. We stopped rolling the windows up and down after the last time. Nice little car with a great sound system, otherwise.

  5. Was my first ride. Super reliable until the transmission shits out. Lots of fun to drive, and the 3800 is bulletproof.

  6. I had one of the dale earnhardt Monte Carlo's with the supercharged 3800 which was pretty much the same car, I think? Loved that car.

  7. I love how the same car can be "underpowered" and "quick as hell" to different people. I had a 2nd gen TL (3.2L V6) with about the same hp, and it was plenty of hp for a daily IMO. Was never left thinking, "If only I had more horsepower."

  8. Still have a 2001 in my driveway now! The 3800 series ii is solid and reliable. In the salt belt, the body gets eaten away, though.

  9. They should have never gotten rid of Pontiac. They should've given Buick the axe instead. Who gives a shit about Buick? Seriously? It's like a Cadillac without any style. Not that Cadillac is that relevant anymore either...

  10. I always love Pontiac even their stupid minivan that look like a space shuttle was kind of cool my Grandpa bought one. I really hope they bring Pontiac back as like an ultra badass electric vehicle performance division. I mean who doesn't want an all electric smoking and the bandit trans am successor?

  11. There is likely a case to be made that while Pontiac can no longer be the GM Performance division, that is now turning into Corvette. By making Corvette a sub brand, it may end up being what Pontiac was/should have been.

  12. Buick has some awesome cars from back in the day as well, should have kept all the divisions and kept them more separated than the homogenous mix they became.

  13. I love them. I had a 00 GTP Daytona edition with some mods. The trans in them loves to let go, but you couldn't kill the motor and they responded to turbos very well.

  14. I've had a couple. A 98 GT that died at around 360k km. Bought at 55k km. Routine maintenance. Replaced an alternator, wheel bearing and had the upper and lower intake manifold gaskets done, which is very common for the 3800. Plastic gaskets were replaced with metal. Otherwise a bullet proof motor as evidenced by the numerous awards it won over the years. Currently driving an 02 GTP as my winter car, however the body is rusting away. Again very little in maintenance costs over the years. Did the upper and lower intake gaskets myself this time, as well as the coolant elbows. At one point, the 98 was my winter vehicle and the 02 was the summer car.

  15. Idk what GTP means but my buddy traded some yugioh cards for a regular Pontiac Grand Prix with almost 300,000 miles and we are stoked to do 24 Hours of LeMons with it.

  16. Great car. Had a Buick GS with the same engine that people thought was a grandpa car but it handled well and was fast.

  17. Hate the interior build quality of these year GMs, I can feel the door panel coming off when trying to close that door.

  18. Bought one brand new in 97… i didn’t hate it but generally average. Lots of orange lights inside, decent HUD for the time. Engine was underpowered even with supercharger but are pretty damned reliable. I traded it in 2 years later on a 98 Supra... big upgrade lol.

  19. They were ok. Not great, not terrible. Had a lot of minor reliability issues. Nothing unusual for the time though. A friend of mine had one. It lived through every jump we took it on. So did we, can't complain.

  20. Tacky, garish styling, typical of pre-mortem Pontiac. Throughout the 2000s, Pontiac had one good looking car: the Solstice. That’s it. The rest were trash.

  21. I liked the concept, I didn't like how a supercharged 3.8L v6 only put out 220-225 HP. I was looking at one of these as a first car. Couldn't get over how the 02 BMW 530i made the same power out of a NA 3.0L inline 6. Bought the BMW.

  22. 2002 GTP makes 240hp, but more importantly, makes 280 lb/ft of torque. An 02 530i might make nearly the same hp (225), but nowhere near the same torque (215 lb/ft). The biggest thing holding the GTP back other than the FWD was the crap transmission.

  23. I grew up in a country where we didn't officially get Pontiacs, and I thought these were the coolest when they were new. So pumped when we got one (four door) as a rental on a trip to the US.

  24. Bought one that had a rod knock at a bar for 100$ once. Found and installed a 700$ used engine (craigslist), drove for six months and sold for a few thousand. Good car. Solid ownership experience.

  25. I had a 2000 4-dr GT and a 2002 2-dr GTP. Loved both, but that GTP was a blast for a cheap car. The engine and transmission were solid, but the body and everything else fell apart around it.

  26. Loved them along with the 1999+ Grand AM GT. I wanted a Grand AM so badly as a teenager but they were discontinued. It’s okay though as I ended up getting something else I loved but Pontiac was on fire back then.

  27. Buddy had one years ago and liked it. He fucked it up when he put a bigger turbo on it though. It is an FWD car and any more power than it has leads to really bad torque steer.

  28. Grew up in Lansing Michigan in the early 00’s. These were everywhere. Cheap, great looking, fairly reliable and anyone could work on them around town. Parts were everywhere. Literally 3 people in my family had them, girlfriend at the time and her family had them. When we had LAN parties back then the driveway looking like a Pontiac dealership.

  29. I had one. I absolutely adored it. Of all the cars I’ve owned, it is still #1 on my list. I’ve had three Grand Prixs total. I had a 97 GTP, an 05 GT, and I have currently an 05 GTP. The 97-03 was much better than the 04+ in my opinion. The only issue I have with the 97-03 is the cupholders. They are absolute trash and will most likely be broken. I just took water bottles with me instead of drinks in cups. Worth the investment, in my opinion, if you can find a clean example.

  30. Might want to check the brakes. That has 4 wheel disc and the rear caliper slides are notorious for seizing up. There was a recall on this. You don't want to be driving with only front brakes. There was also an issue with the fuel rail, injection issue.

  31. I have a soft spot for these. As long as it's the 3.8 you're good. Expect normal GM things, though, like shit plastics and component failure that will be cheap to fix, but they'll still go wrong fairly often

  32. I had one back in the day. Was bought for my first car after graduating highschool. I dumped a bunch of money into it when I was in college, pulley, fmic, built trans. Was my favorite car, up until this day and I got rid of that car like 14 years ago.

  33. Great cars if you take care of the known issues ahead of time. If you drive it till she blows up and then try to fix it, not so much.

  34. My high school gf had a 97 or 98 that she inherited from her Grandfather. Transmission started to go out and would slip between gears and then bang in to place after a few seconds. Eventually it went out completely about the same time it blew a head gasket and started overheating.

  35. My dad bought a 98 new. I got to drive it a bit. Definitely fun to drive. It had a ton of torque steer though. Only time to floor it was when your wheels were straight. Side view mirrors make a ton of wind noise Front seats were uncomfortable on long drives. That's why he got rid of it. Had it less than a year. He picked up a 98 e320 and still rocking it to this day.

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