Anyone that can help me think how I can work those away decently? Led lights throughout my house just above my skirt boards.. I can cut away the door skirt, but how do I then hide that cut? Ps: floor was not done by my.

  1. Are you just trying to hide the LED strip? Unless they're designed for it, I'd question how long those light strips will hold up if they are being run under door thresholds. Press 100-250lbs of metal/wood onto the strips via walking, multiple times a day, seems like the strips would fail quickly. Even though it is unlikely to start a fire due to the low voltage, it is certainly possible for a low voltage strip like this to result in a fire given the right conditions.

  2. You’d need the kind of light strip you can cut into segments and solder thinner wires too. Then you can run the thin wire between the lit segments. A lot of work for something that probably won’t last long, and girls coming over probably won’t like the way it looks

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