How do I reach this fascia and paint it?

  1. Rent a pontoon boat for the day and put a step ladder on it. It should only take a few hours to paint the fascia and then cruise the lake for the afternoon. The best part is that you can write off the pontoon rental.

  2. Rent a small kayak for the day and put a step ladder on it. It should only take a few hours to provide the neighbours with sufficient amusement they can be convinced to cover paying a professional...

  3. Make a couple of brackets you can clamp to the posts. Set a wallboard across the brackets. Paint. Shift. Repeat. Edit: walkboard

  4. Take two 8-foot 2 X 6’s and lay them down on the deck 8 or 10 feet apart, directly underneath two ceiling joists, with 2 feet sticking out over the water. On the ends of the 2 X 6’s that are laying on the deck, extend a jack post from the end of the board up to the ceiling joist above it and expand it until it’s nice and tight. Then lay a 2 X 12 across the boards out over the water and paint.

  5. Get 2x12’s and either clamp them or screw then to the deck to make a platform that is cantilevered over the edge….

  6. Make trash bag duct tape device filled with paint attached to underside(impeller intake) of jet ski. Reverse cowgirl that jetski and Slim Pickens that rocket splash up on there fascia. Then write off the jet ski rental like the rest em all said. Pony up paint sprayer

  7. Honestly of all the suggestions, I think this one’s the worst… I wouldn’t want to do that because you could ruin the deck. I wouldn’t want holes in my deck boards.

  8. I would just put the ladder in the water. If its salt water make sure you dont care to much about it but if its just fresh water dont worry to much.

  9. Make some staging, couple of 2x4s and some .75 in ply. Legs that sit on the deck would be half the height. Gives you a 4x8 foot area to work on.

  10. Quick and wrong way…wear swim trunks and lay on the roof and hang over the edge a little to paint it. If you slide off go for a front flip

  11. U can nail or clamp 2 boards to each column and plank across over the water. Also if U r good with ladders get 2 tall Little giants with ladder jacks and board across. U will need to counter weight the inside leg. The pitch will be acute on the waters edge.

  12. Long leather belt slung around you and the corner posts, tree climbing spikes and extension pole for roller. Climb the corner post with back to water, lean back into the belt and reach as far as possible. Repeat on each corner.

  13. I have a dock like this. Do the shallow parts with a ladder in the water. For the main lake side and the ends of the sides nearer that put brackets on the posts and lay a 2x12 or whatever across them like scaffolding. It won’t be the funnest thing you ever did but it’s the best way to do this.

  14. Rent a small barge and some scaffoldin. , secure the leveling feet of the scaffold to the deck of the barge. From there, you'll just have to move the barge around the dock and you'll be in great shape.

  15. I vote for the pontoon and a ladder! But please video the whole thing so you can win 10K on funniest videos and I can laugh my ass off!

  16. If I were going to do this I would get some roof jacks and make a plank at the edge of the roof and fascia and lean over and paint it. You basically slide it underneath a course of shingles and nail two of them down and stretch a 2x6 across to support yourself.

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