Dark Distillate - Decarb or Filtration?

  1. Have you ran the distillation without the decarb step in between? Some THCa will decarb in the short path, but it will be a good A/B test to see whether the heat treatment prior to distillation is your culprit

  2. We have the heat jacket at 170 and the condenser at 130 which has yielded nice results before, but I will definitely try that. Any suggestions as to temp range?

  3. Are you decarbing under vac? This will help the oxidation process. In my experience, distillate that is 98%+ oxidizes at a much higher rate, too.

  4. Decarb in your rotovap under vac. Bubbling stops and your done, maybe let your terps fo a bit longer to be sure. Add a charcoal filtration step and extract at a minimum -20c. What are your CDU parameters?

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