What is your preferred work schedule for a 7.5 hour day between 6am-6pm?

  1. Totally agree! If I’m up extra early I head out asap. Getting in before 7am sometimes would yield me almost 3 hours of quality work time. The only downside was that mornings are extra long (and hungry) if you still take lunch at noon. Checking out before everyone else is a bonus!

  2. I work from 9:30 pm until 5:30 pm or 10 to 6. I don't like waking up early and I am more productive in the evening when nobody disturbs me. It depends on your lifestyle, family situation, etc.

  3. Same here but I do this to have more "me" time in the morning. I get to wake up, workout, read the news and enjoy a coffee before the day starts. Then the workday starts, until 4 when most people go offljne and I get to put out fires, advance my projects and reply to emaiks without interruption 👌

  4. 9:30-6 was super sweet, but my partner is working outside the house again. Thinking of asking 8:30-5 now that I’m sitting having lunch alone.

  5. I have never committed to a time, my managers have always trusted me to put in my 7.5. I’ve gone through phases of 745-1545 (or 1630h and a short Friday) but I’m now more of a 9-17h or even 930-1730 most days, though when I work from home I tend to start earlier.

  6. This is the way. As long as my staff are there for the meetings I need them to be at, I couldn’t care less when they work.

  7. I'm not a morning person and getting the kids out the door in the morning is a full job in itself. I shower and get ready after they leave... So for me 9-5. My partner does 7-3.

  8. If you're at the CRA (or maybe other departments) check if you can get on a flex-schedule. Not only can you choose your times within 6-6, you can also schedule yourself up to 9.5 hours per day, so you can work from 7am to 4:30pm M-Th and then take most Fridays off (my preferred schedule).

  9. Is it possible to take every Friday off and have a 4 on 3 off schedule? Or does management sometimes dictate work get on a Friday leading to the occasional Friday work day.

  10. As early as you can start. That means you get at least 2 hours to get your work done uninterrupted, when you have to go into the office you get better parking. You also don't have to be there for the idiocy that occurs after 4: 30pm when the executives start going off about stuff that they should have assigned 2 weeks ago, and trying to get people to do unreasonable amounts of work overnight.

  11. As late as you can is good too for uninterrupted time, offices empties at 4pm anyways. Not all jobs are susceptible to end of day surprise work, it really depends on your shop. I really liked doing almost-ten to 6 ish when I was younger, let me do things at night AND sleep in. Being a parent, this is not reasonable anymore unfortunately.

  12. I wake up around 5:15am, am at the gym between 6am - 7:30am. Then am working between 8am-4pm. Means I get my daily exercise just by waking up early, and have the rest of the day after work for anything.

  13. I live next door to my gym so I was thinking of doing 7-3 and going to lift over lunch. Could also go at 3 I suppose but I prefer to go earlier in the day.

  14. Same! I work 9-5:45 (compressed) because it gives me lots of time to work out, shower, and change before starting work. I’ll often check a couple emails before I head to the gym/pool/out for a run, just to check if anything transpired the night before.

  15. I’m the same. I play hockey and game times can be as late as 11:15pm. Over the years I’ve naturally gravitated to a late schedule and I’m most alert and productive from about 3pm onward.

  16. I prefer 7-3 or 7:30-3:30. I spent three decades in the CAF so getting up early is a part of my life, and I'm done work early enough that there's still some daylight left at this time of year if I need to go out for anything. I can also get it done before rush hour traffic starts, which is a bonus.

  17. I'm 8:30a - 4:30p because that's what they started me on during training. I've started new training recently so it's nice to not have to change up my schedule to match again.

  18. Same, for me it's working around life. I get my kid to school, walk the dogs, get a coffee and get to work, and it's 8:30. Almost entirely because of what time my kid's school starts, but that's the immovable deadline of my morning.

  19. No shame dude. All these early risers want to make us feel like we are failing them and need to conform to their sleep cycles. Fuck that. Night time is awesome and so peaceful and quiet.

  20. 8-4 but I have to commute in most days. I’d prefer earlier but daycare opening later in the morning pushes my work start time later than preferred. On days that I WFH, I can start my day earlier.

  21. I did 6:30-2:30 for the longest time. It was great to finish that early on a Friday. If I did get asked to stay a bit later I still would get out before 3pm. I also always took my lunch around 12:30 just so I wouldn’t have much left out of my day

  22. I generally do 8-4 though with wfh I've been thinking of switching to 7-3. I'm in the regions and the folks in the NCR are all a few time zones away and I need to collaborate with them sometimes and being earlier here helps.

  23. I really love 6-2. I live on the west coast bylut my team is in NCR so it works in terms of team schedules but I love being done early enough to hit the gym without feeling the need to rush right into dinner making. In the winter it also means I have light left in the day for a walk or chores/errands.

  24. 9:30-5:30 or 10-6, but only because I’m out east and I reported directly to a DG in NCR who would often have meetings end of day

  25. I usually work 8-4 but on the days that i get in at 7 or 7:30 i always feel really good! But i wouldn't want to commit to working 7-3, i prefer it when i can come in early but i don't have to.

  26. I do 7-3. I also learned quickly that despite the contact being “between 6-6” in our department you don’t actually have that freedom and they only allow 7-3 or 8-4 since that’s when meetings/training are booked.

  27. I prefer early. I don’t mind going to bed early. Gives me time to do some errands in the afternoon if need be.

  28. Used to do 6:30/45 to 2:30/45 (no traffic there & back, no line ups for coffee, no fellow colleagues for at least an hour... It was pure silence on my floor).

  29. I work 7:30 until 3:30. In the summer I prefer 6:30-2:30. Now that it is winter I like to sleep in a bit more.

  30. I used to 6:30-2:30 then we got a new director who told us that those hours were not allowed under the collective agreement so I had to change to 7-3.

  31. I work 7:30 to 4:30 (Compressed work week - every 2nd Friday off) and it's the perfect schedule for me. I've done 9-5, 8-4 and have found that I really dislike starting later.

  32. I have kids so I can't do 7-3 since I do the morning madness. I am up at 530-6am but by the time I start work I already have 5k steps, got 2 kids to school and ready to start the day. I usually do 830-430 and I WFH 100%. I don't do compressed because I can't work with the kids in the houseand I like my hard stop at 430pm.

  33. 10:00-18:00, I am not a functional human at any point before 08:30, and since I transit, this let's me avoid rush hour both ways.

  34. I think it depends on life situation; historically I always had to get the kids ready for school, so I work later. My partner would work early and be home to get kids from bus stop, etc.

  35. I wish I could go 7-3 but I am not a morning person and struggle with sleep on the best of days. 8-4 is the best I can do but 7-3 would be my recommendation!

  36. This may depend on your collective agreement: if you're under the PA agreement (for PM, AS, etc), regular hours are defined as 7am–6pm.

  37. Usually 9-5 or 9:30-5:30. I don’t do meetings before 10 and certainly not before I’ve had a coffee lol

  38. Always preferred 0630 to 1430, no traffic, could rin errands afterwork, have a beer at my favourite pub amd still be home to make dinner. Now stuck with 0900-1700 and absolutely hate it!

  39. I work 6am-3pm on compressed schedule. If I wasn’t compressed I’d do 7-3 simply because it feels weird to end my work day at 2pm. But I’m an early bird and prefer start at 6.

  40. I was 7-4 compressed most of my career until I had a family and now it’s dictated by that (8-4 or 8:30-4:30, it varies) if I was doing a straight schedule and didn’t have a family I’d probably stay with 7:30-3:30.

  41. i've been a nine-to-fiver my whole life. sometimes i start around 8 am but not any earlier. that way, although it is not part of my primary assignment, i can provide tech support to our colleagues on the west coast while everybody else in my team has gone home at 3 pm. i feel like i am accomplishing something valuable when that happens because they don't lose their afternoon.

  42. I’m in CRA and i prefer 7am till 3pm. the flexible schedule is amazing if i work more i collect hours and take them off later as a flex day. i worked in a bank before and they want you glued to your desk at 8 am every morning if you are late 5 min they start the bla bla bla.

  43. 7-3, especially if you work from home or have a small commute. I myself work 8-4, but have a 45 minute commute so it works best for me.

  44. I work 8-4 AST, so 7-3 EST. It's perfect for me, I have a full hour to do real work before Ottawa starts and I finish just before end of day sh!t hits the fan.

  45. I made the choice to move west (thanks telework!) but commit to Ontario time still as I'm employed in the NCR. I work 5-1 PT but I could work at late as 7-3 if I really wanted. My team of 4 all work 8-ish to 4-ish (very flexible- they have kids, commitments, life happens) so this works well for us. When I lived in Ottawa, I had to be up at 5 anyway to get the dog out, get ready, commute etc just for a 730 start. Nevermind warming my chair for 8 hours then commuting home to a sad dog. It's nice having my afternoon off and the early start is a good excuse to get out of events early, lol

  46. In the before times, I started around 730 (depending on how OCTranspo was doing that day). Good for the reasons others have mentioned but it was pretty exhausting to be up early enough for that.

  47. I'm in a department that's gone with a fully hybrid office - we're expected to be in the office 50% of the time, and the remaining 50% is our discretion.

  48. it's a good idea to match your colleagues or team's hours. If everyone else is 9 to 5 do 9 to 5. If everyone else is 7 to 3 and you do 9 to 5, you'll be missing out on stuff.

  49. When I was at the office I worked as early as possible so that I could have the rest of afternoon and evening to myself. Usually 6-3 (worked compressed). Once we started from home it was hard to go back to 6-3 because I didn’t need a compressed day and was home all day anyhow so I started later Normally I should work 7-4 but thanks to time changes I find myself wanting to start around 8/9 but I will always put in the required hours as….shocking to some management….I’m an adult and accountable for my time.

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