Looking for more similar bottles for camping - sourcing ideas?

  1. This. I bought so many little bottles from them. They’re cheap and you can repackage just about anything you need for camping, backpacking, travel, etc.

  2. Nalgene makes little bottles like this of all shapes and sizes, including with flip tops like this. I bought a variety set a while back, and it covers pretty much all my camping needs.

  3. That’s the classic camp soap by Coghlan’s right? I would say just buy more of those and pour the contents in the trash, that’s what I did with mine and refilled it with something better. The absolute worst soap ever but you’re damn right it’s a sweet bottle lol

  4. I was just about to ask is that fake piss? I know that bottle anywhere.. I have one on me right now lol

  5. I'm probably projecting, but this looks like you're getting prepped to cheat on your next random drug screening.

  6. The mini keychain sriracha bottles on Amazon are great. They’re transparent, have a carabiner clip and a squirt cap!

  7. Our MSR cooking kit came with these two bottles. They’re great and we haven’t had any issues with leaking. I want to buy several more for other sauces (balsamic etc) and I’m curious if folks have ideas about sourcing. My googling has turned up nothing!

  8. If you are using these for food, like edible oils, make certain containers are food grade and BPA free. The small Nalgene products are good option.

  9. That looks like a Nalgene bottle. I have the set in the link. It doesn't have an oval bottle, but it cones with several sizes. All the containers have regular lids and they include 2 of the "lotion" type dispenser lids. Nalgene direct, REI and Amazon also carry them.

  10. coglan's has a set of small round bottles that are much larger than the eyedrop bottles that are popular on

  11. If you're in the US, a variety of similar tiny bottles by Nalgene are available at the The Container Store. Don't try looking, just ask an employee, they're always in some super-hidden spot.

  12. Pretty sure Walmart sells camp soap in these bottles. Use your fake pee to get a job there and steal a whole bunch.

  13. Dollar stores. Check them out for anything you might use camping. The stuff is super cheap. Depends on the store and what they have.

  14. That is, to me, a holy water bottle - the Catholic Church I grew up going to had them in the vestibule by the big tank with a spigot. Had a cross and the words “Holy Water” on em.

  15. For something even smaller, I use a Visine eye drops bottle. I put my biodegradable soap in it and it goes a long way and you don't have wasted space

  16. you can also use old cough syrup bottle for a short term fix. I usually just reuse little “disposable” bottles because the plastic is going to last a million years anyway; no reason for me to buy more imo

  17. If you have a Target or Walmart near you, go to the travel section in the pharmacy and see if you can find them there near the other sample size items.

  18. A little pricey, but this looks just like the bottle you'll get in most synthetic urine kits (drug test passing kit), lol. Looks like you might be using it for that already?

  19. Search amazon for "mini plastic squeeze bottle". You will find a thousands of bottles of various shapes, sizes, types. This style is pretty commonly sold all over - travel supplier, REI, outdoor stores, etc

  20. Can you not find a thousand variations of this on Amazon and YouTube? I think I’d rather just have a screw cap without the easily flipped open nozzle. (I’ve had too many things leak in my backpack)

  21. If you live near a store called Diaso, check them out. I’ve found a ton of small items for camping and traveling there. Look in the makeup section too.

  22. Scrolled too far down to find this. I don't have experience with other stores stated but I've found so many good things at Daiso I haven't found a reason to go to other stores, yet

  23. I use the water enhancer bottles you get at the grocery store, after I've finished it off. Its leak proof and you can get them pretty much anywhere. Upcycling :)

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