[ghosts] is the worst cod ever. Change my mind 🤣

  1. Huge maps, plenty of camp spots with equipment/kill streaks that assisted that, boring customization, boring weapons, attachments that didn’t make much sense, perks that were unbalanced…

  2. Infinite warfare was actually pretty fun if you took a break from the futuristic CoDs for a bit and give it another chance. Vanguard has absolutely no redeeming qualities and is by far the worst CoD ever made in my opinion and could only be outdone if SHG is involved in making another game.

  3. And the fact that so many people are giving him attention 😭. Like y’all, just read one reply OP has given and you’ll realize he’s a 12 year old troll. Or just go to his profile. Stop wasting your time on him.

  4. I absolutely adored Ghosts, with the only irks being Hesh because he was pretty annoying and a captain obvious. Logan: Gets stabbed Hesh: "Shit, You're Bleeding" Second reason being the lack of Manpads (for those who don't know what that means, it's man portable Anti air launchers like the Stinger or Igła). Not having those made taking out air vehicles such a pain

  5. I don't really play COD but I certainly watch a ton of it on YT from a bunch of my favorite YouTubers and can confidently say that zombies is garbage in Vanguard after only watching the 2 videos Wildcat's posted. The first video was literally just zombies on maps ported from multiplayer. TBH COD's been going downhill since at least Black Ops 4, but I haven't played COD too much myself.

  6. Despite the giant maps and such- the damn cliffhanger of campaign. No continuation of Extinction- when it could’ve existed in Infinite Warfare

  7. Ghost was shit for how much camping it introduced and due to its good hit detection TTK was super fast. I will say, this is the base game. If the DLC maps were base game, the game would be 10x better.

  8. For me its definetly Vanguard. Its just a super bad try to copy MW2019 in a WW2 Setting, that is completly unauthentic. The MP with the Maps that have destroyable Walls are bad af. SBMM is harder than any other cod before and it added useless new stuff like the "titles" and the MVP intros just to fill up the Battle Pass. The singleplayer is the worst cod story that exists. The zombie mode was worse than the one in BOCW and I didn't even think that this was possible.

  9. Hot damn this 14 year old is super cringe bro. I agree with you. I enjoyed ghost but that’s because I only played mlg game battles on there

  10. Ghost isn't that bad. I mean the campaign was b tier. The multiplayer maps were basic but the grind was fun compared to the newer games.

  11. When I still had a 360 ghosts was one of the only games I had on it and holy shit was it good. Me and my cousins would always play it and we had shittons of fun. I don’t mind if you think it’s shit but I think it’s really fun

  12. It’s the first COD & the last COD to actually be able to unlock everything in game from Points by just playing.

  13. How can you say people are blinded by nostalgia when you literally dick suck BO2 and MW2019. BO2 was a phenomenal game, no shit, but you don’t get to say it unless you have valid reasons.

  14. Dang what was bad about it I spent many hours playing ghost with friends and randoms I think it was a lot of fun and don’t get me started on extection (sorry for spelling)

  15. I won't, I agree with you. But why kick a dead horse? And some some people might have enjoyed it (mostly due to infected I would suppose).

  16. Bo4 is the worst then undeniably ghosts. Boring characters, campaign, fairy interesting missions tbf but overall just a bit of a stale campaign. Shit multiplayer with a shit grind, no personality with boring weapons on shit (and don’t forget massive fucking maps. Extinction is pretty fun tho

  17. I’ll admit that some campaign dialogue is so cringey and bad, but personally, I have seen some of the dumbest reasons for people hating this game. Everyone complained about map size and design, when literally everyone before ghosts came out was like “we’re tired of the 3 laners. Make the maps different and bigger”. They do just that, and they get crucified. Yes the TTK is pretty quick but back then it didn’t bother me a whole lot. And extinction is the shit tbh. I still play extinction to this day.

  18. But maybe there’s other reasons that I haven’t heard from anyone yet. But as far as I have seen and heard, the only big reason is the MP map design and size, and them not being your typical 3 laners. But that is literally what everyone asked for

  19. i bet most people havent even played ghosts and they're riding the hate train for the sake of it. tell me why you dont like ghosts

  20. Yes yes your mad KEEP THE ANGER GOING!! Cod GHOSTS IS DOGGGGGGG SHIT I know me saying that about the only cod your mommy Would let you play makes you MAD AF

  21. I don't think that ghost is a terrible game at all, but it may seem that way to some. Just because some people don't like it doesn't mean it's a bad game, it means they may not like it. And that's fine. Call of duty games will always be up to your opinion when It comes to saying its the best or worst. I hate these posts because they always ask for someone to change their mind but then they go into the comments and just act like a dick when someone says a good statement.

  22. Got me dog and fish ai so boys I'm god like on ghosts . I set up my lmg on Stoneheaven in a random corner with a ied 😇honesty it's the greatest cod of all time

  23. Ghost sucked don’t get me wrong. But personally advanced warfare and infinite warfare are the two most hated in my book. Ghost is right behind them.

  24. Ok it was bad but wasn't that bad like vanguard ghosts had an okay campaign great zombie mode or whatever it was bad multiplayer but vanguard is trash at all of them

  25. Take your pick of any of the one's which had the space jumping and wall running, etc... So, I think it's every game between Ghosts and Modern Warfare.

  26. All discussions aside looking at that image with the ghost doggo deadass reminds me of kid me and how he actually thought that CoD:Ghosts did in fact involve ghosts.

  27. Maybe I’m a little bias because I was always sort of a fan for Ghost. I loved the multilayer a lot. The weapons all felt cool. The class customization was a bit neat especially with all the perks. The maps were really cool too despite their size (in some cases having large maps felt really nice). My only major complaint was balance. The TTK in that game felt wonky and I felt that some of the guns were a little much. The DLC for Ghost wasn’t that bad either. A lot of the maps were pretty neat.

  28. Have you ever played or even seen gameplay of Vanguard? Cause I can name some EXTREMLY awful things it does that makes Ghosts look good.

  29. Black Ops III had a worse campaign compared to Ghosts. At least one ending was more shocking, along with people actually wanting a continuation. Ghosts also had a scary opening with the scene involving the two astronauts plummeting to Earth.

  30. Game was hated when it came out never was liked only cool thing about it was extinction and the fucking predator that's it that's literally it

  31. Personally, Ghosts is also my least favorite. I don't play much multi-player so I can't speak to that. Although the campaign didn't do anything for me. And to those who like Ghosts, all the power to ya!

  32. It's my 3rd favorite campaign in the series. The multi-player maps were just too big. Extinction was super refreshing too. As a 30 year old who has been playing since the first console CoD it was great.

  33. Being completely honest, I like Ghosts. Map design wise, it's weak, but I really like the gunplay in this game faster ttks makes me remember the good old MW2 days. Extinction is a good change of pace. The campaign is controversial, but I like it, the ending makes me want to play a continuation.

  34. Ghost was the second game I got after black ops 1, I actually liked the campaign from what I remember, but I did have a couple issues in multiplayer. First it always seemed like the human proportions were off. Everyone seemed tall, skinny/lanky. Second I always found it hard to see opponents. Maybe I just wasn’t that good but it always seemed like players blended into the backgrounds, you’d be running around and not see anyone then bang! And I was always left going where the fuck did that guy come from.

  35. I acc like ghosts, the campaign mechanics are fun and the missions are great! Sure, some of the multiplayer maps are bad, but there's 2 or 3 that are good.

  36. To be honest, the game sucked but this was the last COD with memorable maps. Outbreak, Warhawk, strike zone, Free Fall, the one in a lab and a couple more were pretty good. It's too bad the game was pretty trash and thus these maps won't return. I think Warhawk returned in IW but it probobly won't come back beyond that.

  37. Now it's been like 4 years since I played, or something like that, but if I remember correctly it had the aliens mode, that was fun, the campaign was less than desirable but still worth the play, and the multiplayer was mix between bo1 and bo2 so not the best but better than whatever bo4 is

  38. Ghosts WAS the worst until Infinite Warfare came out. Then Vanguard entered the discussion like a wrecking ball.

  39. Extinction mode is a real treat, both the base map and the DLC ones. There it was, the real counterpart of Zombie mode... instead of giving it to us until we overdose

  40. I bought it and played the first bit and never touched it again. So in my head it’s bad, but I know I never really gave it a chance.

  41. Ghosts is my favourite cod, I wasn’t allowed MW2 when it came out and I was 15 when ghosts released so it was the first cod I was old enough to play competitively. I loved it.

  42. Black ops 3. Many folks like the zombies mode and, though I don’t enjoy it, I understand that many do so fair play. The campaign though was the most painful slog through grey, generic mediocrity that I’ve ever played. It was a dumpster fire of cliche and try hard all coated in generic action man tropes. ZERO effort was put into that campaign.

  43. The perk system alone makes it far from the worst. I wish they'd give other games a similar perk system. The MW 2019 gunsmith innovation was equivalent in terms of player freedom in making builds.

  44. Campaign was good the worst part was the ending which is why we need another ghosts, I’ve heard multiplayer was bad but I never got to play it and I don’t have anyone to play local games with Edit: you’re forgetting vanguard exists


  46. It had some of the worst maps in the franchise but it wasn’t the worst. Ghosts had some cool guns and introduced new concepts like marksman rifles, playing as a female, an integrated mobile app, and a new survival mode called Extinction.

  47. Advanced warfare was worse. Horrible supply drops and exo movement was worst of the three exo games. Also zombies sucked complete donkey dick.

  48. Campaign weren't bad but extinction and some of multiplayer where shit but that my opinion as ghost was the first cod i ever played and I still love it to this day

  49. Nah... outside of the ttk being a bit too fast, and IED spam, it was a fun game. I know a lot of people whine about big maps, but big maps don't make the game less fun, it just means you're not into big maps. I personally love big maps... less chance of spawn trapping, and the pace of place is less spastic like newer mini maps tend to be. Not to mention Aliens was by far my favorite alternate game mode. Zombies was fun the first time, and has had some cool updates, but Aliens and Spec Ops are still better to me.

  50. No vanguard is the worst by far - and Iv been playing cod since it existed - vanguard caused me to take a break from playing cod and the same with most YouTube friends who stream other games now for the time being sadly -

  51. It is one of the most skill based call of duty games that’s why people hated it , super low health and fast gameplay it was honestly better than anything that came out after it

  52. I’m tired of people only posting hate about bad cod games. No one cares, we all know that they were bad. Get off the sub if this is all you are going to do it’s annoying.

  53. I played the campaign and absolutely loved it. Being in space, water and on land was interesting. Never really touched multiplayer but you can't diss the story.

  54. I dont know why people say ghosts is great and mw is great then everyone starts to dog on aw like cmon atleast aw was better than ghosts by a long shot it had a new, fun (kinda complex) way of combat and yeah zombies was kinda ass survival made up for it and so did campaign

  55. Extinction and Chaos mode were great, but any game is as fun as you make it. It came out during the next gen launch where there weren’t many games to choose from, so my friend group made the most out of Ghosts. The game itself was mid but I have fond memories there

  56. I, will not change your mind about that stance. However, young me had fun on ghosts, hence despite all its flaws, I don't hate it

  57. I let my friend borrow ghosts and advanced warfare and he said ghosts was pretty good because it felt like a normal call of duty but he said advanced warfare was trash same with another friend he said he went back to ghosts because he said everyone in advanced warfare just went on the ceilings every time

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